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Major Sports Olympics Artifacts

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2c: Artefact collection and reflection 1. Optus on Facebook
This was an article on business communication. It examined Optus’ internet marketing strategy via Facebook. The report revealed that the organisation was not maximising this outlet. As a communication channel, social media is easily becoming the mode of choice. This is not an exception even for a country like Oman. I found that the information and assessment I did in this assignment were quite relevant to my placement. I have spent a good amount of time, at the institution, using social media. I already knew the indispensability of this channel. The assignment assisted me in knowing how to get the most out of social media. I will use some of the same recommendations in the report to improve Oman Football Association’s outcomes in the future. 2.The Great Ocean Triathlon
This was also another assignment that we did in the course. It was a report on preparation for the 2014 triathlon event. As a result of this piece, I was able to identify a mission, vision and objectives for the event. These skills were highly applicable in the internship because I needed to have objectives and goals at the start of the practicum. Additionally, the assignment involved identification of a target market, source of revenue, assessment of the experience and actual operational planning. These are all aspects that the OFA employees tackle daily. I used lessons about strategic and project management during the internship. Some of these ideas are already in the making within the report that I will write for my supervisor. Additionally, as a member of the marketing committee, I need to apply analytical and communication skills to work with people. I have been applying this wisdom so far, and I will continue doing so in the future. 3. What is sports marketing:...

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