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Makayla Case Study In English

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My advice for Makayla
Makayla’s story happens to me sometimes. I understand the feeling of staring at a new process or test and not being able to translate it into what I am familiar with. I would recommend that she tap into her precision when this starts. It will help her become hungry for answers and open to moving out of the frozen state to a mind that can think past the isolated agenda or task. I would recommend that she write down questions that lead her to feeling stuck. She should be able to do this well because she will be using her sequence by putting a list together in order. Then she can tackle the questions or concerns she wrote down one by one. This in turn will let her open to a new idea as a potential solution because she will have lead herself to the understanding and will trust it more.

My advice for John

My suggestion for John would be to focus on the big picture by using his confluence and technical patterns as he revises a first draft or finishes typing up an email or letter. This can help him simplify his main points and make easy for anyone to read and get the message. I would suggest that he use his sequence to make edits. This is a use first pattern for him as well. Once he pulls
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I have learned to use my sequence to paint the picture so that it isn’t so painful listing something out in a step by step format. Paul could really benefit from this if he combines his sequence and confluence to accomplish his task. His confluent pattern would allow him to approach subjects with an open mind and from an innocent learning perspective. This would help by allowing him to consider other angles and approaches to speak to process, and explain technical aspects of his projects. His sequence can work hand in hand with his confluence by keeping track of the order in which he arranges his ideas and ensure he has included all of the points that might be required by his assignment or

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