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Maketing Business Research

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Business Research Proposal

1. Introduction This research proposal will evaluate the impacts of the salesperson listening and empathy skills on the relationship of the customers with the employees. Companies love long-­‐term relationships because they translate into returning and repeat customers. Research has shown that it is generally more profitable to service a return customer than to attract and serve a new one (Aggarwal et al, 2005). Furthermore, the effective management of employee-­‐ customer relationships has been linked to strategic marketing advantage (Turnbull and Wilson, 1989) and long-­‐term profitability (Reicheld, 1994). The employee-­‐customer relationships are equally valued by customers (Berry and Parasurman, 1991) and motivate them to make purchases. Because of the importance of the customer-­‐employee relationships it is important to examine the factors that influence the perceived quality of this relationship. This relationship quality has a direct affect on the customer’s satisfaction and commitment (Mummalaneni and Wilson, 1991). It has also been shown that the maintenance of these…...

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...Research report on “COMPARATIVE STUDY OF NOKIA MARKETING” Submitted In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for the Award of the Degree Of BBA Of Punjab Technical University Under The Guidance Of MR. JAGJIT SINGH Submitted by Bhupinder Narang Roll no.104142461752 B.I.S GROUP OF COLLEGE GAGRA (MOGA) Certificate of supervision This is to certify that Mr. Bhupinder Narang S/o S. Ram Nath Narang Roll No 104142461752 has completed the research project “COMPARATIVE STUDY OF NOKIA MARKETING” under my supervision in partial fulllfilment of BBA degree approved by ACITE of PTU. Signature of supervision Place: SHRUTI BATRA Date: Seal of Dean Declaration I hereby declare that the research project “COMPARATIVE STUDY OF NOKIA MARKETING” titled is my own original work and this report has not been submitted to any university and institute for award of any professional degree/diploma. Date : Place: Signature of candidate Bhupinder Narang Roll No: 104142461752 Table of Contents 1. | Declaration | | 2. | Preface | | 3. | Acknowledgement | | 4. | Introduction to the Organization A brief history of Nokia | Nokia Introduction | SCOPE | PAKISTAN DRIVEN STRATEGY | S.W.O.T | Accessories and Features | | | 5. | Maketing Objectives | | 6. | Organization’s Network: | | 7. | List Of Nokia Products | | 8. | | | 9. | Consumer Buying Behaviour | | ...

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