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Physical Therapists The U.S. Department of Labor defines, “Physical therapists as health care specialists who restore mobility, alleviate pain and suffering, and work to prevent permanent disabilities for their patients” (Us Department of Labor). This interactive career is one of the fastest growing jobs at this time. A physical therapist has the opportunity to work in a hospital, private office, or clinic. Their patients could range from aging woman, an athlete, an unfortunate accident victim, or someone with lower back pain. Saul Wischnitzer projects his research by explaining that it's a physical therapists job to first test then measure the patients’, muscle strength, coordination, motor function, and a range of motion. After a certain number of sessions, the physical therapist must determine a process for the treatment so the patient can regain mobility. They specialized process should help relieve the pain and assure the patient everything will be okay. Working as a physical therapist gives a person the satisfaction of helping people achieve a goal with gradual progress and seeing them once or twice a week. The experience a physical therapist takes away from going to work every day includes meeting new people and having conversation with new individuals. Also knowing that physical therapists earn a good amount of money attracts some people to this occupation. Physical therapy is a modern career that is exciting, challenging, and allows a person to be social. A job in the physical therapy field requires a person to obtain a high school diploma. Certain classes are required to get the bachelor or doctorate degrees needed to have the opportunity to get hired in this field. A passed licensure exam is required by most states in order to work with a patient. One also has to acquire credits from a physical therapist educational program. According to the American

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