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Making Manuscript Speech

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Sample on How to Write a Speech in Manuscript form

Today // it is an honor for me to stand here before you, at the Freedom Banquet, and pay tribute to a man that in his lifetime, has touched // and changed // uncountable lives across the globe.

Today /// we are here to honor a president, a father, a husband and a true savior in Mr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela [show slide] Mr. Mandela always says /// that the thing that gives him the most pleasure is
“watching the South African sun set with the music of Handel or Tchaikovsky playing” but we all know// that building a better future for the children of the world is what gives this extraordinary man the most pleasure.

During his 89 years spent on this planet, Mr. Mandela has // and still has // many goals.

The goal of creating equality the goal of dismantling the apartheid regimine in South Africa and the goal to develop color-blindness between the people of his country.

President Mandela //// we salute you, for you are a man that had a dream, a dream dedicated to desire, the desire to make the world a better place // for every man /// and their unborn children

Final thoughts on writing notes for a manuscript speech

· Do what works for you
· Never write notes in essay format, its too hard to find your place
· Practice, practice, practice--- in many ways it is harder to use a manuscript because there is a great temptation to read to the audience
· Eye contact and connection with the audience is crucial –a speech is NEVER an essay with legs!
· Do not continue a sentence from one page to another
· Do not fold manuscript
· Do not staple manuscript
· Number your pages

Winston Churchill's manuscript for a speech, with his...

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