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Making Me Blind Descriptive Writing

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It was a scorching hot summer day, the bright sun beamed upon my face making me blind. I couldn’t see a single cloud in the clear blue sky. The only thing I can see is the vibrant colors from the buildings that made the small street pop. I looked around, my eyes start to get bigger and bigger. I could feel my lips lift upward. My heart skips a beat for the beauty that surrounds me. The pink, orange, red and yellow colored buildings were the brightest colors I have ever seen, making me blind every time I looked at it. The buildings looked like it came out of a brochure travel guide of Italy. The small pedestrian street was crowded with tourists taking pictures of every sight they saw. They looked around the street open mouthed and their eyes were as big as golf balls. Each tourist had a big map in their hands, wondering where to go next.
You could hear the loud sweet joyful laughter, a large crowd gathered to watch the Mariachi play their music and people dancing to the music. Everyone had a joyful radiant smile that lighten up the street. Each building had a small wooden sign with their business name on it. Men stand in front of their stores trying to attract tourists to come in, “Ven, ven aqui! Te va gustar esto!” Targeting the …show more content…
People stopped to admire the flag and take pictures with it. A small circle of grass surrounded the flagpole. The red roses blooming pedals stands out in the grass. Little droplets of sprinkler water were on the pedals making it stand out more. The distinct smell of roses smelled like a sweet perfume in Valentine’s Day. Right next to the roses was a cart that said “Churros” I approached the cart and bought a long warm churro. The smell made my heart feel warm and happy. I took a small bite of the warm crunchy sugary churro. It tasted like a sweet cinnamon fried donut. Happiness flowed through me, warming me up like the rays of the summer

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