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West farmers have been the forefront importance on focusing on the operations in regards to the significant change in company’s operations and structure since 1980 (Company History, n.d.).Operations management is usually important in planning organizing and control of all the resources and activity necessary to provide the market with tangible goods and services (D Waller 1999).With the further bench marks that has been established ,”West farmers has been consistently been supporting and putting a price on carbon as policy objective ”(West farmers 2013) .Given that the company excite wide range of activities across the sector in the retail ,managing oprations key to achieving the sustainability .For instance it can been allocated in the operations process by which Coles is one of the leader in food industry “Leaders are agents of change, persons whose acts affect other people more than other peoples acts affect them” (Bertocci 2009) has reduced their carbon footprint by changing the way the way they do the business where carbon emission have been decline since 2009 ,from the various initiative of operator” (Coles 2013).

Definition & description of Ops Operations can be defined as an administration role where there is best practice of business solutions so they can create high level of efficiency in the organisation to achieve their results. Description of operations means to describe the role of the particular individual or company where they have to perform according to the rules set to get to their desired target. “Operations management is the effective planning, organising & control of all the resources and activities necessary to provide the market with tangible goods and services (Waller 1999, p. 1)”.
Comparing between Woolworths In comparison “Comparison between the German and the United States law concerning the differences in gun...

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