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Malcolm Gladwell Outliers

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In the book “Outliers: The Story of Success”, by Malcolm Gladwell, he reviews the lives of those people who have accomplished a lot and have been successful. Gladwell begins his book with the definition word "outliers”. According to Gladwell, outliers makes some people remarkably more successful than the other people. He thinks that these outliers are usually supposed to have talent and intelligence compared to an average and normal person. Gladwell shows these things by searching and looking at the background of some famous and remarkable outliers. Gladwell also takes an opposite view about how people achieve and manage high points of success. He states that definitely skills, abilities, knowledge and a lot of hard work are needed, and that success is also influenced by anyone. It means that people should look afar individual’s capability, excellence, worth, and value. In the first chapter, “The …show more content…
Gladwell begins his argument of how tradition, ethnical identity, and community systems of improvement and hardship take a part in individual success. It looks like that Gladwell is implying that Flom’s cultural identity had an effect on his success. Joe Flom is a Jewish, he is a product of his environment. He had talent, ambition, and intelligence however, it is not enough. To illustrate the importance of this point, Gladwell studies and observes the lives and livelihood of some Flom’s other Jewish colleagues. He then discovers that these Jewish experienced the same thing. They didn’t fit with the big companies, they encountered discrimination and judgement because of their faith, and they faced rejection, even though they were qualified. Though they were good lawyers, they were still not hired. It is true that “the problem with hostile takeovers is that they were hostile” (Gladwell 125) because people nowadays who takeover things are really harsh and

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