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* Wash your hair with only conditioner twice a week. This technique is called "co-washing." It will make your fro softer and more manageable. * When you're in the shower, wet your hair and load it with conditioner. Once your hair is saturated with it, use a WIDE tooth comb to detangle it. If your hair is long, start combing it down from the bottom and work your way up to the base of the scalp. Then rinse. * Then apply a cream/butter based product like Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercream to your wet hair to seal in moisture. For daily upkeep you can use a moisturizing spray like Soft Sheen-Carson's Sta Sof Fro. You can also use natural oils (coconut oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil). * At night, braid your fro (or ask your mom/sister/girlfriend). This is a big part of keeping your afro neat. Pick it out in the morning. *
You can find more tips in the Afro section of the Black Hair Media Forum: Good Luck :D


Looking for tips on how to wash black hair? There is a myth going around that black and African American women shouldn't wash their hair often because it will dry it out.
This is absolutely not true.
Don't be afraid to wash your hair. It won't fall out or break off. In fact your hair is screaming for moisture, and the more you give it the better it gets.
Did you know that the only thing that can really moisturize your hair is water?
All the serums, oils and conditioners in the world can't take its place. These products help seal in moisture that water puts into your hair.
Keep reading to find out how to shampoo, condition and what to do afterwards, as well as some of the dos and don'ts of washing black hair.

Here's what you'll need. * Moisturizing Shampoo * Moisturizing Conditioner * Wide Toothed Shower Comb * Large Towel * Leave-in Conditioner * Bonnet or Blow Dryer (optional)

Right here is a good place to tell you the number one black hair washing rule. Be very gentle!
How to Shampoo Black Hair
The first step in how to wash black hair is shampooing. Your hair is delicate so get the gentlest shampoo you can find that meets your hair's needs. Use it sparingly because for black hair 'squeaky clean' usually leads to dryness.
1.Gently detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb. Starting from the ends, working up to the roots.
2.Saturate your hair with water with before applying the shampoo.
3.Take a dime or quarter-sized amount of shampoo and work it into lather. Concentrate on scrubbing your scalp. Remember, shampoo is for the scalp and conditioner is for the hair.
4.Massage your scalp deeply to stimulate the follicles and loosen any flakes that may be there.
5.Rinse your hair until all traces of shampoo are gone. This should take about 1 ½ to 2 minutes. Part your hair and check to make sure it's all out. If not, rinse again.
6.Gently squeeze the water out of your hair.
How to Condition Black Hair
The next step in how to wash black hair is using a quality conditioner. Shampoo gets your hair clean but conditioner is what makes it look healthy.
Never skip conditioner after shampooing your hair. Moisture needs to be put back after the natural oils are stripped out with shampoo.

1. Apply a generous amount of conditioner from roots to ends. Concentrate on the last ¼ of the length since this is the oldest part of your hair. Try not to get conditioner on your scalp, especially if you have issues with dandruff and dry scalp. 2. Let conditioner sit according to the instructions or use a plastic cap and heat for a deep penetrating treatment. 3. Rinse the product, but don't over rinse. You want to leave a slight coating of conditioner in your hair for moisture retention. 4. Gently squeeze and blot the water from your hair. Never rub with a towel because that causes breakage and damage.
The next steps in how to wash black hair are adding leave in conditioner to seal the moisture in and drying your hair.
Leave-in Conditioner for Black and African American Hair
After you've hydrated your hair by washing and conditioning properly you should use a leave-in product of some kind to coat it completely. Leave-in conditioners and oils benefit your hair in several ways. * Controls frizzy and flyaway hair. * Detangles and moisturizes. * Leaves hair feeling soft and manageable. * Acts as a heat barrier to direct and indirect hair drying and styling techniques.

For an extra moisture sealing treat, you can coat your ends with hair butter or natural hair oils like jojoba, olive or coconut.
If you have very fine hair that gets weighed down easily, skip the leave-in completely or use a product that foams for the lightest feel.

After applying your leave in conditioner it's time to dry your hair. There are 3 main ways to it. Here's an overview of each listed in order from least to most harsh on the hair. 1. Air Drying:
If you have the time air drying is usually the healthiest method of drying your hair. * Natural hair tends to do best with this method since it doesn't need to be straightened afterwards.

2. Indirect Heat
Better known as bonnet drying, indirect heat can be thought of as the neutral way to dry hair.
This method has the benefit of being much faster than air drying but less damaging than using direct heat.

If you have relaxed hair you might prefer this method. Air drying has a tendency to leave hair with less sheen and shape than roller setting or wrapping and going under the bonnet.

3. Direct Heat

This method is done with a blow dryer (with our without comb attachment).
It's the harshest method of drying and can cause damage and lead to breakage if you use it too much.
It should be used rarely if healthy hair is your priority.

Do and Don'ts on How to Wash Black Hair:

* Do take your time and be gentle when you wash your hair. The strands are delicate and will break easily under too much pressure. * Do part your hair into small sections if it's really thick. This cuts down on tangling. * Don't use hot water to wash your hair. Warm water is best for shampooing and rinsing. * Don't pile your hair on top of your head. This encourages crazy tangles that'll take hours to get out while losing hair in the process.

Washing Natural Hair:
Natural hair * Tends to be more unruly and thick so one suggestion is to plait it into 4-6 sections and wash it that way. * After you rinse the shampoo from your hair, apply conditioner section by section and comb it through before doing a final rinse.

How to Wash Black Hair FAQ

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions on how to wash black hair.

How often should you wash black hair?

* Most hair care experts agree that washing black hair every 3-4 days is best for its health. I usually wash or rinse my hair every other day but I have friends who only wash 2 or 3 times a month. You have to do what works for you. Only you know what's best for your hair. * A good rule of thumb is to wash and deep condition whenever you notice dryness.

Can African American hair be washed every day? * Yes. If you use the right products and condition every time, daily washing is fine. Many black and African American women wash or rinse their hair daily as a part of their regimen. Type 3 hair benefits the most from daily rinses.

What is conditioner washing?

Conditioning washing or co-washing is when you only use conditioner to wash your hair, skipping shampoo completely. It's become popular in recent years for good reason.

* Helps keep moisture in your hair by not using shampoo that can sometimes dry hair out. * Detangles and smooths hair. * Controls frizzy hair. * Enhances curl definition. * Works for natural and relaxed hair.

How do you conditioner wash African American Hair?

Follow the steps above for 'How to shampoo black hair' but replace the shampoo with your favorite moisturizing conditioner. The technique works well with any inexpensive conditioner.

* You can do conditioner washes daily, bi-weekly or any time in place of a regular wash. Prevent build up and clarify your scalp by washing with a shampoo every so often.

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