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Male Coaches in Female Sports

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Proposal: Male Coaches in Female Sports

Research Methods in Exercise and Sport Science 5315

April 28, 2011

Chapter I Introduction

Ever since women became involved in sports, they have been in a constant battle to gain recognition in a sports world mainly revolving around men’s sports. Events such as Billy Jean King defeating Bobby Riggs on the tennis court and the U.S. women’s soccer team winning the World Cup in 1999; women’s sports have slowly gained interest from others. For many years, only women coached women’s sports, but since Title IX was passed there has been a gradual increase in male coaches in women’s sports. Studies have shown that approximately 71% of female athletes prefer a male coach (Lirgg, Dibrezzo, & Smith, 1994). In the studies discussed in the review of literature, researchers chose to focus on determining female athletes’ opinions and experiences when being coached by a male coach. However, there is limited research on this topic. Therefore, this study will further analyze the different reasons why female athletes prefer to be coached by a male coach.
Purpose of Study

The purpose of this study is to research why female athletes prefer male coaches. The study will analyze the different reasons for female athletes preferring male coaches. This study will contain only college female athletes.
Significance of Study

The significance of this study is to show why 71% of female athletes prefer a male coach (Lirgg, Dibrezzo, & Smith, 1994). If athletic directors knew exactly what female athletes were looking for in a coach, then it would help them determine who to hire for that position. With the right coach, players could be more motivated to perform at their highest level, which could translate into a successful season.

Hypothesis In this study it is hypothesized that female athletes will prefer being...

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