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Cigarette Smoking; awareness, attitude among Maritime Students

Presented to

Maritime Education Program

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

For the English 4M


Dann Vincii Sanguenza

Mark Kevin Lerin

Marlone Sabacajan

Rechiee Jonson

Charlie Alonzo


Ronald Perez

March 2013


The researcher would like to dedicate this study to:

To the researcher’s family who had always been supportive throughout their studies, for the love and care they have bestowed. And to the reader’s (cadet and cadettes), may this be their guide in time.

To our instructor, Mr. Jundee Roxas who never failed to teach and guide us,

To the researcher’s respondents who had been eager and diligent in sharing their experiences, for the trust and accommodation.

To God Almighty who is the source of everything, for giving the strength and wisdom to complete this research.


This study entitles if the BSMT students are aware about the danger in smoking and their awareness the researcher decided to qualifi all year levels to get their age and gender. The researcher make a guide questionnaire to determine if most of the BSMT students are engaged in smoking and if they know the risk and the reason behind. The answer would be based in their observation, perceptions and experience. This research will use a survey method for it is the most appropriate to gather the information needed.
Rationale of the Study Readers we the researcher make this research to give a guide to avoid smoking and for those who are engaged in smoking. The said problems in smoking was included the possible solution and rehabilitation for those smokers. We also in included the for those who wanted to avoid smoking . But most of all the guidance of adults are the most effective solution in this smoking problems....

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