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Maliban Textiles

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“Acknowledging the debt is not easy for us as we are indebted to so many people”.
I take this opportunity in expressing the fact that this project report is the result of incredible amount of encouragement and co-operation that I have received from others.
Words alone cannot express my deep sense of gratitude to Mr. Asoka Weerakoon-HR-Admin EAM maliban Textiles Pvt Ltd. Jordan, who provided me an opportunity to meet him when he came to Srilanka and to get the information I needed to do this project. His valuable guidance & support made this project work an enlightening educational experience.
I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to everyone who directly or indirectly helped me during my project work.
M.V.M. Rodrigo


People form an integral part of the organization. The efficiency and quality of its people determines the fate of the organization. Hence choice of right people and placing them at right place becomes essential. Recruiting and selection comes at this point of time in the picture. Recruiting is a strategic function for HR department. Recruitment and selection form the process of hiring the employees. Recruitment is the systematic process of generating a pool of qualified applicant for organization job. The process includes the step like HR planning attracting applicant and screening them. This step is affected by various factors, which can be internal as well as external. The organization makes use of various methods and sources for this purpose. Selection is carried from the screen applicant during the recruitment process. There is also some specific process is involved. By the way of conducting preliminary interview and conducting the various test , if required reference check and further final interview is conducted. During the...

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