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Mall of America - Case Study

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What rights and responsibilities does the Mall of America have in this case? ANS.
The Mall of America is a largest retail and entertainment mall working since 1992. This mall is benefited by every individual so it should reflect the common policy for the citizen of every age. The management of Mall is responsible to maintain the peaceful environment in mall during shopping hours.
At the same time it is responsibility of every citizen to help management of mall to ensure safety and security for every individual. Its a basic right of Mall that public should cooperate in maintaining the discipline throughout the week and specially parents should accompany their teenagers within the mall in order to create a healthy and safe environment for shopping.

- What rights and responsibilities do teenagers have when they shop? ANS.
This is the responsibility of parents to guide their children how to behave in a public place. There should be some kind of training programs conducted by local administration for better environment of learning for the teenagers.
Teenagers have equal right of surfing in shopping malls like others do.

-What are the interests of other ‘stakeholders’ (parents, society, government, etc.)? ANS.
The parents can play vital role in development of ethics and good habits among young children. These teenagers should be preached by their parents about how to conduct/behave in public places like shopping malls.
The society can publish on radio and television the documentaries in order to improve the growing age adolescent of that country; since these are the wealth of nation.

-Should the proposed escort policy be implemented? Supposing the answer is ‘yes’, how should the Mall communicate this decision? ANS.
Yes. I suggest it should be implemented.
This should be announced by the authority through newspaper/broachers,...

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