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Malpractices In Education

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Another factor that influences the appointment of teachers in school is the local interest groups seeking to appoint their preferred teachers in the vacant constituency. Since the teacher appointed has the favor of the local interest group by his side, it opens the system to malpractices such as rent seeking. The teacher thus displays high levels of absenteeism. The lack of a proper supervisory system makes this malpractice easy to carry out. Especially in the primary schools and in rural areas, the teachers appointed are heavily influenced by the political parties. (Memon, Joubish and Khurram 2010)
The example of the indifference of authority of the teachers can be seen when in Sindh teacher were asked to visit biometric verification centers.
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The incessant emphasis of Pakistani society on a girl’s modesty, protection and early marriages hinders her path to the books she was meant to read. Families remain hesitant of sending their daughter to school fearing not only the word of mouth but also that teaching a girl would be a meaningless financial burden. The vast majority still believes in the male child for earning the bread and butter. This trend is more prominent in the rural areas. 45 percent less girls get enrolled in school in rural areas than those in urban areas. However, there is only a 10 percent gap between the enrolment rates of men in rural and urban areas. These figures clearly exhibit the existence of a gender …show more content…
7) Technical education should be made mandatory part of education since it teaches skill. Courses of carpentary, electrical works etc should be included in the curriculm.
8) To minimize the dropout ratio, economic incentives may be provided to parents so that they may send the children to school.
9) Since education has been made a provincial subject, provinces should form respective legistlations and devise educational policies according to the needs of their people.
10) Career as well psychological counselling should be made mandatory in secondary schools so that children may choose a career according to their aptitude and thus con tribute to their nation.
11) Parents should also be counselled. So that they can choose a market friendly career for their child which he can live up to according to his aptitude.
12) Federal government should support the provinces in compliance to the constitutional responsibilities mentioned in Article 25-A.
13) Special grants should be provided to the provinces where the literacy rate is low.
14) Special measures should taken such as awareness campaigns to increase the ratio of female enrolment in schools. (Hussein

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