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Man1100 Assignment 2

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MAN1100 – Assignment 2
Q1. Organisation (or corporate) culture is often considered an important component of successful organisations. Explain how managers can promote ‘work life balance’ within their organisation to improve the culture and therefore productivity.

In recent times, there has been increasing interest among organisational stakeholders for introducing work-life balance policies to combat the reduced health and well-being among employees (Kalliath & Brough, 2008). However, Judiesch & Lyness explain (cited in Smith & Gardner, 2007, p. 4-5) that “Other research has also identified situations in which taking leave, regardless of the reason for it, was associated with fewer promotions and smaller salary increases suggesting a relationship between taking leave and perceived commitment to ones career”. This brings about the issue of promoting work-life balance policies in a positive manner so that negative connotations may be avoided. This assignment explains the difficulties associated with promoting a healthy work-life balance as well as how an effective use of policy and implementation relating to work-life balance can improve organisational culture and productivity.
Management teams in organisations often find it difficult to promote the use of work-life balance policies due to the negative connotations associated. Wayne and Cordeiro (cited in Smith & Gardner, 2007, p. 5) state that “Employees may perceive that using family-friendly initiatives will have a negative impact on their perceived commitment to the organisation and decrease the likelihood of salary increases, promotions and positive performance appraisals”. This is largely due to the need of developing fair and supportive supervisors to create work-family alignment. Parkes and Langford (cited in Kalliath & Brough, 2008, p. 225). Therefore improving the...

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