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Managing Finance in Health and Social Care


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Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (England)

Unit CU 2953
Manage Finance within own area of Responsibility in Health and Social Care or Children and Young People’s Settings

This workbook meets the following assessment criteria for unit CU :

Written questions
Please answer the following written questions:

CU2953 - 1.2
Outline sources of funding that are used to construct the budget for your own work setting

All residents living in our home are council funded also they get Disability living allowance which is used towards their daily expenses like lunches out , shopping for clothes, paying for transport.

CU2953 - 1.3
Outline the roles, responsibilities and accountability of all those involved in financial management of the budget for own work setting

The person in charge of the finances is the proprietor and we agree on a weekly budget for food for the home as well as household items, after is my responsibility to ensure the budget is used effectively within the home and all money spent are accurately accounted for, money coming in to the house are registered in and out through a cash file which is maintained by my senior team and I check on a regular basis .
Residents personal finances are monitored by their keyworkers and I check them regularly, keyworkers and myself will review spending monthly to ensure residents are safeguarded and all expenses over 10 pounds will need to be agreed with myself before purchase.

CU2953 - 2.3
Analyse the impact of an insufficient budget on service delivery

Insufficient budget could lead to a poor care delivery and affect the safety of services, if the budget is not sufficient this may lead to reduction in staff ratio, also can impact on the quality of training provided for staff therefore the

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