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Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 2 2. SCOPE 2 3. OBJECTIVES 2 4. RESPONSIBILITIES 3 4.1 Board of Management 3 4.2 Chief Executive Officer 4 4.3 Staff & SMC Members 4 4.4 Everyone 5 5. RISK MANAGEMENT PROCESS 5 5.1 Context 5 5.2 Identifying Risks 5 5.3 Analyzing Risks 7 5.4 Evaluating Risks 10 5.5 Treating Risks 11 6. MONITORING AND REVIEW 13 6.1 Procedure 13 6.2 Risk Closure 13 7. COMMUNICATION AND CONSULTATION 13 8. SUMMARY OF RECOMMENDATIONS 14 9. CONCLUSION 16

The 24/7 Fitness has changed rapidly in recent years, so to have the environment in which sport operates. There are now many opportunities for business and employment, as well as active participation. Along with increased opportunities comes an increased exposure to risk that must be understood and managed, at all levels.
Risk Management is both an individual and a corporate responsibility. A systematic approach to risk management will ensure all representatives involved understand the environment in which they operate and allow them to anticipate and manage issues that may impact upon desired objectives and goals.
The Gymnastics Tooronga road Victoria 3146, risk management program encourages an integrated approach to managing risks. It is built around having a common language, approach and management process.
The scope of this Risk Management Plan covers the Association’s management, day-to-day operations, and conduct of competitions/events, Gym sport programs and related membership services.
Risk is, the chance of something happening that will have an impact on the Association’s strategic goals. It is measured in terms of likelihood and consequences. Action taken to treat, or reduce, the risk therefore will address the likelihood of an event occurring, the consequences if it does occur, or both....

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