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Assessment Task 1 Tatiane Augusta Da Cunha – ID 245202


SECTION 1. EMPLOYEE , POSITION AND ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION 1. Employee Name and SSN: VACANT 2. Position Number: 01234 3. Class Title: Program Manager 4. Date: 10/1/2013 5. Working Title if Different: 6. Agency Code: 236 7. Supervisor Name and SSN: Robert Boss 789-78-9789 8. Organizational Unit: Network Services

Develop an integrated (linked) comprehensive surveillance system that tracks community-level data, program services delivered and meets all minimum data element requirements by the end of the first fiscal year.
Designs network installations and expansions to include all hardware, devices and cabling schemes, and performs, directs and/or coordinates network installations with personnel.
Organize efficient communication between staff.

Supports personnel with telecommunications systems, data and voice integration, network architecture and engineering, and network operations.
Ethernet, FDDI networking, some token ring, Centrex telephone environment, Novell, Banyan, peer-to-peer networking over IP, SNA, connections used by mainframe, and 120+ dial-in modems.

SECTION 4. MAJOR JOB FUNCTIONS JOB FUNCTIONS | PERCENT OF TOTAL WORKING TIME | ADA (E OR M) | Comp Level of Function (CL 1, 2 or 3) | Network Design and ImplementationConsults with departments interested in expanding existing voice and data communications networks or installing new networks. Analyzes and determines capacity and access needs and recommends cost-effective system proposals, including estimates of cost and installation time frame. Designs network installation specifications for cabling schemes, conduit size and type, junction boxes, bridges, routers, hubs, repeaters, network cards, and power and cooling needs. Works with network software analyst to choose devices. Coordinates network development activities with VCU/MCVH technicians and vendors, as appropriate. | 60% | E | CL2 | Equipment/Systems SupportMaintains facilities and inventory of network hardware. Maintain automated records of network installations, troubleshooting and problem resolution. Diagnoses equipment/system malfunctions, as needed. Determines if causes relate to hardware of software. Refers network software problems to appropriate technician or programmer. Resolves device/hardware problems by repairing, replacing or reconfiguring, or taking other appropriate action. Tests equipment and/or systems following service to ensure proper operation. Performs physical installations (wiring, cabling, interface cards, hubs, servers, etc.) as needed. Moves or relocates equipment, as needed. | 15% | E | CL2 | ManagementManage and directs equipment/applications specialists in the installation and troubleshooting of network devices. Resolves systems failures and troubleshooting referred or unresolved by subordinate technicians and programmers. Coordinates multiple, simultaneous installations; prioritizes activities of specialists so as to maintain department access.Organise communication between staff and integration system. | 15% | E | CL2 | | | | User ConsultationProvides consultative and technical support to the user community to ensure problem resolution, system/data access and optimal system performance. Acts as a liaison between customer departments and information systems resources and staff. Provides technical advise and expertise to departments in the evaluation, selection, purchase, upgrading and maintenance of software, hardware and/or database system resources to meet users needs. | 5% | E | CL1 | Other duties as assigned. Special network and related projects. | 5% | M | CL2 | 100% |

A. Knowledge, skill and abilities:
Demonstrated knowledge of technical information network systems, telecommunications and transmission technologies, including network architecture, topologies, protocols and interfaces. (Required)
Knowledge of Etheret, Novell, Banyan, media types, common network devices (servers, hubs, repeaters, etc.). (Required)
Working knowledge of common software applications programs, such as Microsoft Office suite. (Preferred)
Demonstrated ability to manage and supervise technical and programmer positions involved in installing and configuring communications equipment and also communication between staff. (Required)
Demonstrated ability to diagnose and resolve communications problems related to network hardware. (Required)
Demonstrated ability to design telecommunications transmission network (hardware) to integrate them with other systems.
Knowledge of state procurement policies and procedures. (Preferred).
B. Education/training:
Associate degree in computer science, information systems, engineering, industrial technology, telecommunications, Diploma of Management or a related field or equivalent experience preferred.
C. Work experience:
Some experience (3-5 years), to include telecommunications architecture and cable plant technologies, and design fundamentals required.
D. Licensure, registration or certifications: CNE helpful.
Reason for update (check all that apply)
(x ) New employee in position.
( ) Significant and permanent changes in position function.
( ) Convert position to Information Technology Compensation Plan.

Work Plan 1

Goals: Have an integrated, comprehensive surveillance system that can track data at the company level.
Measures of success: 1) All available data sources are linked; 2) Gaps in data are assessed; 3) Methods to eliminate gaps in data have been identified; 4) Community indicators are established; 5) Method to assess error rate in data established and implemented; 6) All minimum data elements are accounted for.
Outcome Evaluation Questions:
Does the data provided adequately address stated needs?
Is the data used to plan evidence driven and to develop/revise the Company plan?
Is the data used to direct funds to reduce disparity?
Program Manager will develop an integrated (linked) comprehensive surveillance system that tracks community-level data, program services delivered and meets all minimum data element requirements by the end of the first fiscal year.
Link all available data sources based on needs assessment analysis;
Assess gaps for data for minimum data element requirements and community-level indicator capability;
Develop plan to eliminate gaps in data that have been identified;
Test data system that by running a dummy data set to establish error rate and logic checks;
Review the data entry procedures and detail where safeguards exist and where they are missing;
Cross-check a sample of completed provider forms with available data sources;
Complete the first year surveillance report. Data / evaluation
MDEs, Medicare Claim Records, BRFSS, NOHSS, Community Oral Health Needs Assessment, School Oral Health Screening Program Data.
Timeframe for Assessing Progress
End of first fiscal year.
Team Members Responsible
Program Manager
Program Assistant

Work Plan 2

Goals: Organize all communication for bi-annual conference.
Sub Tasks: 1) List all points of communication or various tools needs, including direct email, social media, U of MD websites, etc. Review list with supervisor to uncover any gaps; 2) Create a timeline for getting communication written, approved, and sent out; 3) Develop core list of potential programmers and their skills; 4) Determine how we will evaluate the effectiveness of the communication.
Collaboration Needs: 1) Confirm timeframe for brainstorming, reviewing, and helping implement communication plan. 2) Determine various departments to partner with on generating participant lists and interest to promote conference and determine how much lead time is needs to get list. 3) Learn about conference content, tagline, and key speakers from going to conference committee meetings. Ask for the subject, “communication” to be put on all conference committee agendas.
Resource Needs:
Request to be put on department meeting agenda to get feedback on communication strategy and schedule period check-ins with department.
Set up recurring meetings with committee members to continue to inform committee on progress of communication strategy and to ask for their ideas.
Budget for signage and formal thank you notes.
Phase I: Complete and present initial plan by July 1, 2012.
Phase II: Edit plan by August 5, 2012.
Phase III: Implement plan from October 7 – February 3, 2013.
Phase IV: Evaluate plan by March 2, 2013.
Share results by the end of March.
Anticipated Obstacle:
Not receiving various lists on time from colleagues.
Put together one page, “What’s in it for my colleagues to participate list” and provide easy to use format for generating list.
Ask colleagues what obstacles they face in producing the participant list to be proactive in removing obstacles.
Send electronic reminder 1 week and 3 days before deadline. Follow up in person, if needed.
Progress Made:
To be completed.

Depth of Knowledge – Ensure that I will demonstrates functional working knowledge of communications network architecture, devices and media types, and network design fundamentals. Provides accurate and complete alternate proposals to departments for installation or expansion of communications networks. Initiates new network assignments within one work day of receipt by contacting customer to obtain technical requirements and user needs.
Integration and Scope – Ensure that I will demonstrates ability to integrate knowledge of SNA, Ethernet, and Novell and Banyan software in designing network installations and expansions. Resolves most of the common software-related problems encountered in network installation/expansion projects without contacting network software analyst, including network operating system and access faults.
Technical Ability and Judgment – Ensure that I will demonstrates ability to independently apply technical judgment to designing network installations and expansions appropriate to the departments access needs and technical requirements, using VCU standard networking devices and protocols. Chooses appropriate, cost effective devices, cabling schemes and pathways, others specifications and project time frames. Explores or adapts changing telecommunications network technology to be prepared for and to accommodate evolving departmental technology standards.
Management – Ensure that I will manages daily workload of subordinates, sets and monitors adherence to project time lines, and manages employee relations and personnel functions.
Problem Solving and Reasoning – I will recognizes network problems exist, performs equipment/system diagnostics to isolate hardware or software causes, implements plan of action, develops solutions which do not always have precedents, and resolves communications problems related to network hardware. Resolves non-routine problems referred by subordinate technicians or others.
Ability to Organize – Ensure that I will organize monitors and tracks multiple projects, installations and expansions so as to adhere to department time tables and standards.
Future Thinking – I will proactively recognizes needs of the departments, anticipates outcomes and consequences of different approaches and makes necessary modifications to plans to achieve desired outcomes.
Ability to Acquire and Apply Knowledge – I will independently learns appropriate techniques to apply and adapt in related, different or changing situations. Aware of current information technology at VCU; applies this knowledge to meet tactical needs.
Communication Competencies – I will demonstrates competence to interpret and communicate information, ideas and instructions. Communicates at technically appropriated levels with the departments, vendors, contractors, staff and subordinate technicians and programmers.
Team Competencies - Coordinates network projects with other affected VCU and MCVH technical parties, including network software analysts, university security officers and external vendors and contractors. Participates in and contributes to team efforts and assignments.
Listening Competencies - Prior to developing network design proposals, ensures understanding of needs by verifying these with the department contact.
Leading and Teaching - Provides direction and training to subordinate technicians and programmers.
Safety - Observes established safe work practices; provides safety training for subordinate technicians and programmers.
Attendance - Follows established department attendance standards.
Contribution to Unit Mission - In all interactions with the staff I will support the work unit mission by working cooperatively to develop, advance and carry out organizational goals and plans.
KPIs - Ensure that I will have 3 self-assessments involving feedback from direct reports and peers that I perform per year, measuring effectiveness and efficiency. How well I carry out and integrate all of my managerial duties?

My work plans will be seriously followed to ensure that I serve as appositive role model through work planning and organisation.

I will work to create a more resilient and mentally supportive workplace by improving resiliency skills in employees, improving management skills in identifying and alleviating employee stress, improving the physical environment to alleviate stress and improving the overall culture to help employees manage their stress and work levels.

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