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Manage Recruitment, Selection & Induction Process

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Recruitment – When starting the recruitment process the business should look at the current business needs and look at its business goals to achieve business growth. The initial recruitment process should involve an analysis of what level of staff support you will need, the hours required (eg. part time, casual, contractor, full time, trainees etc), tasks to be performed in this role, is it within the budget, being clear and organised of what you want out of this recruitment process, developing a position description including a bit background about your business and the correct avenues of advertising the position.
Selection – The selection process is done by matching the best applicant to the profiled job description, this will place people into jobs so that organisations can meet their strategic and operational goals. To do so the selection process should be fair, consistent, well understood, and legally and professionally executed in conjunction to the organisation practices. At least one member of the panel should have knowledge of the role to assist in identifying and choosing the correct applicant for the initial shortlisting and the interview process. Good selection practices should always involve shortlisting, interview, reference and background check, job offer and an employment contract.

Induction Procedure – The induction process should enable the new employee to settle down quickly in a new position and become familiar with the people, culture and surroundings of the business. This policy should outline history and introduction of the organisation, its objectives and goals, the standards and rules, structure of company, training, promotion, health & safety, workplace diversity, disabled employees, hours to be worked and breaktime. It is important to consider weather this induction will be formal or informal and who will be giving the…...

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