Management and Leadership: Costco Wholesale

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Management and Leadership: Costco Wholesale
MGT 330
March 21, 2011

Management and Leadership: Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale is a company in the membership wholesale business. Costco Wholesale, or just Costco as the members refer to them, has 565 locations in 40 of the 50 states and Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom (Hoovers, 2011). Costco has 56 million card members who purchase memberships to shop there and obtain name brand products at the lowest prices. Costco sells everything from aspirin to caskets to wedding dresses. Costco Wholesale also has a very popular online store. Costco Wholesale is ranked number 25 in Fortune Magazines Fortune 500 (Fortune, 2011)

Difference between Managing and Leading
Costco is a company who strives to train their management staff into not only productive managers but also superior leaders. Costco warehouse employees train mainly with hands-on training by other employees and managers in the same department. For example, the Front End is a department where the members check out their items. On the Front End are packers, cashiers, supervisors, one assistant manager, and a manager of the Front End. When a new employee begins training as a cashier, another employee will train the new employee. The trainer will lead this new employee to make good decisions versus bad and lead him or her to do the best at his or her job. The Front End also has supervisors who lead the employees who they supervise. They lead by example in most circumstances. The supervisors are they to make sure the cashiers are doing their jobs correctly and also to be their mentors. New supervisor positions open up frequently and the current supervisors want to be promoted making leadership important. The Front End manager and assistant manager oversee the department. They…...