Management and Strategy of Fedex Corporation

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Question One:
“FedEx has built superior physical, virtual and people networks not just to prepare for change but to shape change on a global scale…FedEx is not only reorganizing its internal operations around a more flexible network computing architecture, but it’s also pulling-in and in many cases locking-in customers with an unprecedented level of technological integration (Janah and Wilder, 1997; Annual Report 1999; cited in De Wit and Meyer, 2004, p.647).”
In the context of the above statement, critically analyse the Global express transportation and logistics industry in which FedEx operates using Porters Value Chain and Five Forces frameworks. From the results of your analysis evaluate the ‘core competencies’ and ‘dynamic capabilities’ that enabled FedEx to build an efficient and effective transportation, logistics and a virtual information infrastructure. [35 % marks]

Question Two:
Discuss the events leading up to the January 2000 reorganisation in the context of FedEx’s three major strategic initiatives:
(1) A new branding strategy that involved changing the Company’s name to FedEx Corporation, and extending the ‘FedEx’ brand to four of its five subsidiary companies;
(2) The need for one point of access to sales, customer services, billing and automation systems
(3) A new low-cost residential delivery service, FedEx Home Delivery (De Wit and Meyer, 2004, pp. 657-661).
Your answer should be based on a critical review of FedEx’s performance, and the dynamics in the internet market. [30 % marks]

Question Three:
“At FedEx, we recognize that our impact is greater than the services we provide. We are committed to being a great place to work, a thoughtful steward of the environment and a caring citizen in the communities where we live and work. We are passionate about sustainably connecting…...