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Executive Summary

This report throws light on the complete analysis of Aurora Energy’s financial structure for the period 1st July 2011 to 30th June 2012. A complete picture of the equity structure, debt structure, external financing, key fixed assets, intangible assets, company’s policy of recognizing impairment losses and gains along with company’s financial operations have been explained in details.

Aurora Energy is fully owned by Tasmania government and generates, distributes and retails electricity in Tasmania covering over 250000 Tasmanian customers. The equity structure has been constant when compared with previous year in terms of issued capital, however the company has been successful to make a growth in its reserves. There has been a decline in the debt-equity ratio from 65.9% in 2011 to 64.1% which is indeed a good sign for future prospects of the organization. Fixed assets mainly comprising of property, plant and equipment have been valued at fair market prices to show a true and fair view. There has been increase in fixed assets showing signs of good infrastructure building. Intangible assets had been subjected to impairment losses and gains as per applicable accounting standards. The company contributed $27.8 million of returns to the government in the current year, where dividend payouts of 2010-11 of $11.9 million dollars had a major impact. In a nutshell the company shows sign of positive trends in future years to come.

Nature of Companies Activity:

Aurora Energy is of the major player of generating, distributing and retailing electricity in Tasmania and is wholly owned by the Tasmanian government. It provides employment to over 1000 people is various fields of its business operations. The company is currently a monopolistic supplier of electricity in many states of the country. The company also retails natural...

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