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Management Evaluation


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Company investigation
Toys4you | tuam road, galway, ireland
Using swot and pest analysis
Company investigation
Toys4you | tuam road, galway, ireland
Using swot and pest analysis

Table of Content

Contents Introduction 2 Methodology 3 Objectives 3 Research Methods 3 Company Details 4 Brief History 4 Type of Company 4 Company Structure 5 Organisational Chart 5 Organisational Pyramid 6 Company Mission Statement and Aims 7 Mission Statement 7 Aims and Objectives 7 SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOYS4YOU 8 PEST ANALYSIS OF TOYS4YOU 10 Impact of Change on Toys4You 12 External Change Impact 12 Internal Change Impact 13 Conclusion and Recommendations 14 Bibliography 15

With the rise in demand and production of toys for children of all ages, various franchises and smaller toy stores have surfaced to be producers, suppliers and retailers in the toy industry.

One of such smaller toy stores in Ireland is called “Toys4You”.

In this assignment, I have chosen to focus on what kind of store “Toys4You” is, giving a brief short summary on the store’s history, their mission statement, what their competitive advantages are and how they implement their known strengths to benefit them. I also found it relevant to explain the situation in the toy industry and what the trends are, for understanding what other difficulties that are important to consider in order for the business to survive.


* Carry out an internal & external investigation * Conduct an in-depth SWOT analysis * Conduct and in-depth PEST analysis * Analyse impact of change on the organisation

Research Methods


* Study of company through first hand

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