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Houghton Refrigeration Company is a company that builds refrigerators for large appliance companies. During the summer, the company needs to hire around forty new employees which are typically college students from a local private college. They receive little training prior to starting working. All they are taught is the basics of how to do their job, not how to handle difficulties that arise. More and more employees start to get injured, and the president of the company decides the company needs safety training. The first-line supervisor gave a brief training that wasn’t very beneficial to the employees.
Step 1: Identify the Problem
The problem in this case is that Houghton Refrigeration Company is having complications maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for their employees, and now some of their workers are becoming injured.
Step 2: Identify Causes of the Problem
There are several reasons this problem could be occurring. One reason is that the upper management are educated in engineering, not management, which is the cause of the second reason for this problem. The second reason the employees are being injured is because they lack proper training. The college students are also feeling pressured by one of the first- line supervisors who is harassing them.

Step 3: Alternative Solutions * The company can hire an outside source to develop a training program for the employees. * They can hold one-on-one training with each of the new employees and supervisors. * They can hire a safety representative for the company.
Step 4: Select the Best Alternative
Houghton Refrigeration, first and foremost, needs a safety representative for this company, but before they do this, they should hire an outside source to train ALL of their employees. The supervisors need ethical training because they are undermining the new hires, and all of the...

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