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1. How would you evaluate Jobs in terms of the Big Five personality dimensions?

Evaluating Steve Jobs in terms of the Big Five personality dimensions is a relatively simple exercise due to the fact that his personality was bigger than most. He was the personification of an extrovert, there are numerous examples in the Management in Action. However, the one that exemplifies this trait was how he handled a situation in which a beta IPhone was left by a salesman at a bar. Apple, known for its unrelenting secrecy surrounding its products under development, wanted the phone back quickly. A blogger paid to obtain the phone and wrote about the new features on its website. Jobs personally called the head of the company in possession of the phone, told the CEO he was not mad at him, and understood he was just doing his job, although, he was mad at the salesman that lost it. Jobs assured the CEO if the phone was not voluntarily returned and he had to use other means to obtain the phone, someone at the bloggers company was going to end up in jail. This was an excellent example of all the traits of an extrovert, outgoing, talkative, sociable, and assertive all on display in that situation.
Jobs ability to honestly deal with people by telling people directly how he felt showed his agreeableness, indeed he felt people would rather know the facts as he saw them rather than leave things vague and have them think it was acceptable. He demanded and expected perfection and made sure people knew it. Conscientiousness can best be judged by the seven industries he help transform; personal computing, animated movies, music, cellular phones, tablet computing, retail sales, digital publishing. It was not that he just developed excellent products that transformed the different industries, it was the way he had to overcome different obstacles in order for the product to be accepted…...

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