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Looking at the use of Jobber Management Software at Passage Auto Parts Ltd

Leah Swaine Busi 2255- 01

0535895 Randall Fisher

Due: November 22, 2011

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

The industry 3

The Organization 4

The Software package 6

The Inventory Order Module 10

Conclusion 12

Works Cited 13


I currently work for Passage Auto Parts Ltd, a family owned aftermarket parts distribution business. The company is owned by my father John Swaine, operated my sister Johnna Swaine and myself, Leah Swaine. Throughout this research paper I will be discussing the automotive aftermarket industry in Canada, the specific details of Passage Auto Parts Ltd, and the Jobber Management System (JMS) that the organization currently uses to capture information and conduct daily business activities. I will be touching on the main functions of this software including: strengths, weaknesses, and overall effectiveness in terms of cost and information provided to the organization. I will be elaborating on the inventory order module of JMS, and how the order process is completed within the organization. Many of the areas discussed in the paper will come from my experience within the business, having worked there since it’s beginning, in November of 2005.

The Industry

Passage Auto Parts Ltd is a member of the automotive aftermarket industry in Canada. The industry is composed of companies that manufacture, distribute, and install automotive replacement parts, accessories, tools, and equipment. The Canadian automotive aftermarket is a CAN $ 18.7 billion industry that employs more than 420,000 people in Canada alone. (Automotive Industries Association of Canada, 2011) According to a new…...

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