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Management Information Systems Text Book Summary

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Course Related 2 Virtual Expert 2 JSB Inc. 2 James S. Black (Company founder) 2 Abigail Foley (Senior vice president of Business Development) 2 Mark Thompson (Business Development Manager) 2 Major Business Functions (In JSB) 3 Manufacturing 3 Sales and Marketing 3 Human Resources 3 Finance and Accounting 3 Terms 3 Information vs Data 3 Digital Manufacturing 3 DELMIA 3 POS 3 Inventory Management System 3 Mapping Technology 3 Electronic Business / E-Business 3 Electronic Commerce / E-Commerce 3 E-Government 3 Problem Solving 3 Critical Thinking 3 Steps 3 1. Problem Identification 3 Dimensions of Business Problems 3 Organizations 3 Technology 3 People 3 Examples 3 2. Solution Design 3 3. Solution Evaluation and Choice 3 4. Implementation 3 Analyzing Performance 3 Case Study Analysis 3 Identify the most important facts surrounding the case 3 Identify key issues and problems 3 Specify alternative courses of action 3 Evaluate each course of action 3 Recommend the best course of action 3 Information Systems 3 Definition 3 Information Technology versus Information Systems 3 Information Technology 3 Information System 3 Dimensions 3 Organization 4 Technology 4 Components 4 Hardware 4 Software 4 Data Management Technology 4 Networking and Telecommunications Technology 4 Function 4 People 4 Functions 4 Input 4 Processing 4 Output 4 Types 4 Strategic-level systems 5 Types 5 Executive Support Systems (ESS) 5 Management-level systems 5 Types 5 Management Information Systems (MIS) 5 Decision-Support Systems (DSS) / (Business Intelligence Systems) 5 Operational-level systems 5 Types 5 Transaction Processing System (TPS) 5 Enterprise Applications 5 Types 5 Enterprise Systems / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems 5 Supply Chain...

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