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Management Parameter: Job Responsibilities, Planning Organizing, Csr

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This term paper would not be accomplished without the generous contributions of all our group members. We are very grateful for their limitless help and support.

We thank our course instructor Afsana Akhtar who believed that we could complete this term paper on time. Her moral guidelines, endless effort, joyful encouragement and her nice cooperation made us successful to develop this paper. We also thank to the corporate sales executive of Hatil Complex LTD Md. Imran Khan of his great collaboration. Without his helping hand it was too hard for us to collect all the information which we needed to develop it.

We are also thankful to our classmates and friends for their help and support. At last, we thank our parents and other family members for inspiring us and motivating us to do better.
Above all, we convey our gratitude to Almighty ALLAH, who aided us with His strength, courage and gave us wisdom and patience to complete this term paper.

Table of contents
Content Page number
Title page 1
Later of transmitted 2
Acknowledgement 3
Executive summary 5
Message from chairman 5
Introduction 6
Products 7
Designator, job responsibilities, planning 8
Organization structure 9
Level of management 12
Projects 14
Leading strategies 15
Controlling strategies 17
CSR 19
Appendix 21
Bibliography 22 Executive summery
Hatil complex limited is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified leading doors and furniture manufacturer company in Bangladesh. This organization has been established in 1989 following the footsteps of H.A. Timber Industries Ltd. - a company running from 1966 with a reputation in timber processing sector. Now the business of this organization is based on Dhaka. They produce doors; home and office furniture using solid wood (Red Oak), Vineyard MDF, Laminated board and sheet metals. this organization produce goods with...

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