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Management Planning Presentation

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Organizational Structures
Amber Tolson
June 06, 2014
Management Theory and Practice

Amber Tolson
Professor Joseph GERWENS
Management Theory and Practice

Organizational Structure
Without organizational structure, staff members can run into difficulty with knowing who to report to in the business if any situations come up. In a business there needs to be structure so employees can know who they need to report to if they should need to communicate something that is of a concern. Organizational structure is very important because it improves the operations in the business. By a business developing a form of organizational structure different departments can be able to perform their own job functions and focus their time on their own job tasks. With a strong organizational structure employees can then be recognized with promotions for their hard work, dedication, and good work ethic.

`To begin with, the crown plaza hotel is composed of many different kinds of areas of structures. (According to Bateman 2011) “Differentiation means that the organization is composed of many different kinds or tasks.” Inside of the Crowne Plaza hotel jobs and departments are grouped, specialized, and separated into their own job category. The crown Plaza organization is the same thing as an organizational chart because the jobs are organized into their own specific job duties. For example, management, housekeeping, engineering, and banquets are all organized into their own specific job descriptions. All Employees are put into their own area of focus in which they specialize in. (According to Cappelli, 2009), “For the last two generations the United States provided the most important model or organizing business activities”. It is very important for the United Sates to develop a structure in business so everything will run accordingly. (According to bateman,...

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