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Management Practice

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Management Practice


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First Edition (2002)

Management Practice




1. Introduction.


2. Management in Context.


3. Learning to be a manager.


4. Case-study analysis.


5. Problem-solving and decision-making.


6. Caselets: First-line and Middle-management (Tactical/operational levels). 21

7. Case-studies: Executive / Senior management (transitional / strategic level). 119

8. Case-studies: Management failures (Reference studies).


9. Lessons:


Business {Managerial) Failure.

10. References and Further Reading.

Copyright 2002 SAIM


Management Practice


Copyright 2002 SAIM

Management Practice


Management Principles are easy; Management Practice is difficult.

1. Introduction
The Theory of Management (20%) is easy and can be learnt in a classroom setting, since it relates to knowledge acquisition and book-learning only, encompassing pre-defined contexts (i.e. a closed system). The Practice of Management (80%) is difficult since it relates to a crisis-driven ‘real-world’ of irrational people, unpredictable events, competitive market warfare, cashflow shortages, problematical relationships, and an infinite number of unique contexts (i.e. an open system):-

 no two managers are identical...

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