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Management Practices Essay

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Management Practices

Why is it necessary to plan? How is most planning conducted?

Planning suggests a systematic attempt to shape the future. I think that planning entails making decisions and informing actions in ways that are socially rational. At the same time, serves a public or general purpose, such as ensuring the stability and growth of the economy. The planning process must continuously pursue and faithfully serve the public interest.
This is necessary because it guide overall economic stability and growth in a community by achieving a sensible and attractive land use pattern, preserving or improving that which all ready exists and also encourage economic development.
All manager plan. Most planning is carried out on an informal or casual basis. This occurs when planners do not record their thoughts but carry them around in their heads. Formal planning is written, documented and developed through an identifiable process. The appropriate degree of sophistication depends on the needs of the individual managers and the organizational itself. At the same time plans are often classified by function or use. The most frequently encountered types of functional plans are sales and marketing plans, production plans, financial plans, and personnel plans. Sales and marketing plans are for developing new products or services. So at the end of time we all need to plan our life or thought in certain ways to get were we want in your life.

2. Describe the differences between objectives, policies, procedures, and rules.

Objectives are statements outlining that a manager is trying to achieve; they give an organization and its members direction and purpose. One key for organizational success is for the objectives at all different levels to mesh together; long-range objectives and short-range objectives.
Long-range objectives generally go beyond the...

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