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Management and leadership Presentation

Explain how managers can set effective expectations for their employees to increase organizational performance.
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In order to set expectations towards employee, it is important to know what these expectations are. What are the goals and guidelines to an increase organizational performance in the work place? What are the behaviors and expectations managers have towards their employees?

What are effective expectations for employees? * Don’t assume * Communicate * Self-Starter * Know company ethics policy * Team Player * Punctuality * Change * Accountability

Speaker Notes

Don’t Assume: When working specific tasks or assignments, occasionally there may come up a situation or a certain equation that is not understood by the employee. It is imperative to ask what you do not know, so that either manager or team co-worker may aid in your assistance to learn what is needed to be done. It is agreed that rather an employee not know how to execute a specific task and learn then to pretend he does know how and makes fatal errors which in the has dire consequences.

Communicate: One if not the most important aspect of employee expectation is the skill of communicating. When one communicates to his co-workers or to their manager about specific actions that need to be communicated about, therein lies a harmonious flow within the work environment between everyone working. Communication is the up most important skill via e-mail, telephone and word of mouth. Communication enables problem solving minimal then not communicating and whatever tasks or problem that needs to be resolved magnifies because one decided not to communicate.

Self-Starter: When an employee comes to work, it is understood what that employee already specifically needs to accomplish. According...

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