Management Problem Is Researchable

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What defines if a management problem or dilemma is researchable?

A research process begins with a basic dilemma that prompts the initiation of research followed by a series of related questions that are progressively elaborated in the form of a management research question hierarchy. The process begins with the discovery of the management dilemma, define the management question leading to exploration, defining the research question (explaining the objective of the research) and refining the research question, investigative question(influencing the research design, strategy, data collection planning and sampling), management questions(to be answered by respondents of survey). Examples of management dilemma include decreasing sales, increasing employee turnovers at a company, call centers low customer service—to name a few. Exploration of a problem could be accomplished by focus groups, interviews with experts, knowledge of available literature.

Choosing a dilemma to focus may be difficult as opposed to identifying a management dilemma. The purpose of a good research, valuable resources like, human capital, time, money, is lost if a wrong dilemma is chosen. Several brainstorming and exploration research exercises are involved to define a management, research, investigative and measurement related questions. Poorly defined questions will misdirect research efforts.

The process of research starts in the decision making phase. In order to layout the scope of a project, set business objectives to be measured against business metrics, generate a project plan and outline the tasks of a project, come up with a strategic plan to be implemented by a team, a manager needs specific data (researchable data) to be provided by a researcher. For a problem to be researchable, it should be subject to observation.…...