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Analyzing the Benefits of Cultural Diversity in Organizations

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Managing Cultural Diversity in Organizations
Chapter 1: Introduction
Human resource management is one of the core functions of business managers. Organizational productivity is influenced by the degree of effectiveness with which employees are managed and directed to perform their duties. One major challenge that human resource managers face in this regard is promoting harmony and coexistence in multicultural workplace environments. Since the beginning of the 18th century Industrial Revolution in Europe, business companies have had to deal with a growing number of people from different cultural backgrounds. This demographic transformation of the workplace was a result of advancements in the transport industry. The invention of the steam engine, and later on, the airplane, facilitated fast movement of goods and people across international boundaries. Over time, companies expanded their business activities beyond their local markets, giving rise to multinational corporations.
Satair U.S.A is a multinational corporation with branches in several countries around the world. The company specializes in aircraft maintenance and the distribution of aircraft spare parts. As a multinational company, Satair employs people from different cultural backgrounds in its plants around the world. Consequently, the company’s labor force is characterized by a rich cultural diversity. In this regard, the company’s workforce composition and human resource management will provide a relevant case study for exploring best practices in managing cultural diversity in organizations.
Literature Review
Friday and Shawnta (2003) carried out a study on corporate strategies used to enhance cultural…...

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