Management Roles

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Management Roles

Management plays the important role in the organization. A manager is an important member of an organization. The management performs five main functions: planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
Mintzberg Management Roles
Henry Mintzberg is a well know researcher, and the results of his studies about the work of managers were published in The Nature of Managerial Work (New York: Harper & Row, 1973). The term management roles refers to specific categories of managerial behavior, and Mintzberg concluded that what managers do, can be described by studying ten different and interrelated roles, grouped around interpersonal relationships, transfer of information, and last, but not least, decision making. For a more in depth description you should probably check Mintzberg’s work, but I’ll try to provide a general outline of his conclusions.
Interpersonal Roles
The ones that, like the name suggests, involve people and other ceremonial duties.
Leader: Responsible for training and motivation of employees.
Figurehead: The symbolic head of the organization.
Liaison: Maintains the communication between all contacts and informers that compose the organizational network.
Informational Roles
Informational role is related to collecting, receiving, and disseminating information.
Monitor: Personally seeks and receive information, to be able to understand the organization.
Disseminator– Transmits all import information received from outsiders to the members of the organization.
Spokesperson: On the contrary to the above role, here the manager transmits the organization’s plans, policies and actions to outsiders.
Decisional Roles
Decisional roles are the roles that revolve around making choices.
Entrepreneur: Seeks opportunities. Basically they search for change, respond to it, and exploit it.
Negotiator: Represents…...