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Management Skills, Leadership Skills.

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Instructor’s Manual
Jane Murtaugh College of DuPage

3rd Edition


This Instructor’s Manual brings together a set of completely integrated support materials designed to save instructors the trouble of finding and assembling the resources available for each chapter of the text. 1. Course Planning Guide Included in the guide are suggestions for course design, classroom activities, and supplemental teaching aids. 2. Learning Objectives and Summary of Learning Objectives For each chapter, learning objectives and the summary of the learning objectives are listed. 3. Brief Chapter Outlines For each chapter, a brief chapter outline is provided. 4. Lecture Notes and Chapter Outlines For each chapter, a comprehensive outline is provided, as well as a variety of stimulating lecture enrichment materials. 5. Real-World Cases At least two real-world cases related to chapter material are included for each chapter. 6. Answers to End-of-Chapter Questions Answers to the end-of-chapter questions are provided, as well as suggested teaching tips when appropriate. 7. Answers to See It on the Web Exercises Following the end-of-chapter questions, answers to the See It on the Web Exercises can be found, along with tips for the instructor. Answers to Boxed Features In each chapter, students are presented with at least two supplemental “boxes,” both containing questions about the material discussed. Answers to these questions can be found following the answers to See It on the Web exercises.


9. Pop Quiz A pop quiz consisting of 10 questions is placed at the end of each chapter. 10. Answers to Pop Quiz Answers to the pop quiz are posted at the end of each chapter.

Course Planning Guide
Course Syllabus
A sample course syllabus appears below. The course syllabus should be expanded to...

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