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Generational diversity in the workplace refers to the extent to which the workforce population of an organization represents or is influenced by people of different age groups available in the general workforce. Each generation shares similar experience growing up and views the world through their own generational experiences, influences and social values. Accordingly, each group has different approach around work life balance, employer loyalty, authority and other important issues related to the organization, all of which have a significant impact in the workplace. To be successful in maximizing the variety of needs, experiences, values and approaches based on generation and develop effective strategies as organizations continue to grow, the first step is to understand the differences among generations. The benefits of the generational diversity in the workplace are numerous. For organization whose goal are to seek growth and sustainability in the long term, leveraging and capitalizing on the value of generational diversity in the workplace can contribute to improve talent attraction, retention and engagement.

Group | Characteristics | Traditionalists | Privacy | | Hard Work | | Trust | | Formality | | Authority | | Social Order | | Material Things | Baby Boomer | Competition | | Change | | Hard Work | | Success | | Teamwork | | Anti-rules and Regulations | | Inclusion | | Fight for a Cause | Generation X | Entrepreneurship | | Loyalty | | Independence | | Information | | Feedback | | Quality of Work-Life | | Communication | | Wary of Commitment | | Cynical | | Pessimistic | | Self-reliant | Generation Y | Entrepreneurship | | Loyalty | | Independence | | Information | | Feedback | | Quality of Work-Life | | Communication | | Positive Reinforcement | | Autonomy | | Positive Attitudes | | Conventionally Minded | | Respectful of Norms | | Tech-savvy | | Diversity | | Money | | Technology | | Action |

For an effective leadership bridge the generation gaps and remember that all generations want to be treated fairly, work that provides personal satisfaction, employers who understand personal lives are important, work that is valued by employers and customers, a clear sense of purpose from employers. Remember the rule "Treat others as they would like to be treated". Reference:

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