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Management Style Essay
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Management Style Essay


Today’s paper is about management styles. I will discuss things; such as what management is and what are the good and poor qualities of managers. In addition; do these conditions change based on the social environment, work environment or home environment? Last, I will discuss the results of my management quiz. This part of the discussion will focus on whether or not I agree or disagree with those results.
What do you define as management?

Management equals having the ability to lead, plan, organize, control, make decisions, and direct others in achieving an organization’s goals and their mission. Managers perform many duties on the job. They are required to build an active staff. It is their responsibility to ensure that production is met at all times. In doing so, frequently it is up to them to dismiss employees. Sometimes it is not an easy task to fire someone. In addition, it takes skills to work with a team of people and ensure that those individuals are performing at their ultimate best.
What are good qualities of a manager? In order to be a good manager, one must possess the ability to lead and govern others as well as themselves. If this person is unable to control his or herself, they cannot be expected to manage others. It is also important that the individual can effectively communicate. They are the ones that work with people inside and outside of the organization. Managers should possess effective interpersonal skills. Good interpersonal skills help build lasting relationships.
What are poor qualities of a manager? Poor qualities would include inability to manage time wisely, ineffective communication, inability to delegate tasks, and not achieving goals. If a person cannot manage time wisely, people usually stay late on...

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