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Management Styles: American Vis-a-Vis Japanese

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Japan and the U.S. share a low-growth economy configeration and their management styles are beginning to merge.
Management Styles: American vis-a-vis Japanese
Charles Y. Yang
THE JAPANESE STYLE of management has in recent vears been drawing a great deal of attention from American managers because of its apparent ability to insure organization stability in the face of unexpected external changes. At the same time, a slower rate of economic growth in Japan is compelling
Japanese executives to .search for improvement iu management efficiency by focusing their attention on the American type of management.
FALL 1977
This trend to draw on each other's strengths in order to better cope with growing external pressures is significant because both eountries now share a similar socio-economic situation characterized by a low rate of economic growth, a high degree of vulnerability to external variations and an advanced stage of technological development.
A comparative analysis of the quality of management must first determine what is to be measured.
If the criterion is profit performance, most of the major Japanese companies compare favorably with leading American firms, and that is where the comparison ends. What is more meaningful is to measure the extent to which the underlying factors have contributed to profit perfonnance in the past, and how they will continue to function in the new socio-economic setting. These underlying factors consist of entrepreneurial quality, level of aspiration and executive quality. Entrepreneurial (juality is the degree of innovativeuess and propensity for risk-taking. Level of aspiration is concerned with the confidence that management instills within the organization (internal relations) as well as outside the organization (extenial relations). Executive quality refers to the decision making ability…...

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