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March 18, 2013

After understanding the goals and achievements of the CEO of Kraft, if I had to rate Irene Rosenfeld on the scale of being authentic, I would score her 9 (nine) out of 10 (ten). Being authentic is a situation where the leader has the whole knowledge about how to dispense work to others through leadership. A leader should be able to understand, what the lacking qualities are and how to meet up the requirement to fulfill those qualities. An authentic leader is the one, who has a purpose behind every doing, believes in long lasting relationship with the employees. Has the power of being consistent and self disciplined that would compel others to follow him or her.
I believe Irene Rosenfeld has great sense to understand her reason (purpose) behind being a CEO; she is a person who knows her passion, her motivation. She first began her career with New York-based advertising agency Dancer Fitzgerald Sample as an associate research director in consumer research, she worked over here for continuous two years and later joined general foods as an associate market research manager in 1981; this made her enter into the food market. General Food was already struggling with the brand of Kool Aid, she realised this as an opportunity and made necessary changes, she changed the strategy of sales by marketing the product directly to kids rather than to their mother. This made her understand the capabilities inbuilt in her. She joined Kraft Food in June2006 as a CEO, looking at this profile of Irene Rosenfeld, it shows that she took her experience in several organisations and then realised her qualities in true sense. She found out her purpose behind joining the company, she is the one who understands the…...