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Cap. 1 - NEVOIA DE GANDIRE SI PRACTICA ECOLOGICA In traditiile civilizatiilor europene exista chiar si in prezent o credinta sau o superstitie apocaliptica legata de trecerea de la un mileniu la altul. Este o credinta care postuleaza ca dezastrele naturale si sociale nu se produc in fiecare an, ci la anumite momente ale timpului care marcheaza aniversari insemnate. Asa a fost considerata trecerea de la anul 999 la anul 1000, cand crestinismul primitiv al Europei are cuprins de spaime: se arata ca domnia lui Christos era doar de un mileniu, dupa care va veni Anticristul, care insemna de fapt sfarsitul lumii. Anul 1000 a trecut si sfarsitul lumii nu a avut loc. Astazi, la un mileniu dupa epoca groazei si a angoasei despre care au vorbit multi specialisti, in mentalitatea oamenilor din Europa si America reapar elementele vechilor spaime,…...

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Al Capone Professor Subject Date Title: Al Capone: America’s most famous gangster Abstract Al Capone: this name stirs up vivid memories in the minds of most Americans. It particularly mean much to residents of Chicago, Illinois, “the city of broad shoulders” so deservedly named after the gang leader who held an unquestionable grip on the its neighborhoods. Today, every gangster desires to be like “Scarface Al” as Capone was commonly referred. He is the epitome of what a gangster blueprint looks like that is engraved in the minds of those who had a first hand experience of his reign. Young as they may have been during Capone’s reign, they undoubtedly felt his power and effect. Al Capone’s background Alphonse “Al” Capone was born in Brooklyn on January 17, 1899. He acquired “education in petty crime” in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. His name “Scarface Al” originated from a razor slash across his face (Bergreen, 1994). He later moved to Chicago where he survived several gang wars by having his rivals eliminated. In 1929, Capone’s gang, dressed in police uniform massacred seven members of a rival gang, the “Bugs” Morgan gang. This was revenge of his best friend’s death and abduction of a consignment of liquor from Canada. This became the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. By the end of the 1920’s Capone was in charge of bootlegging liquor. This brought him an annual income of over $20 million. The arrest and prosecution of Al Capone Despite his numerous......

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...Poluarea MEDIuLuI Poluarea apare atunci cand o substanta daunatoare este adaugata mediului inconjurator. Poluarea poate afecta apa aerul si solul. Dioxidul de sulf emanat de centralele de energie electrica cauzeaza ploile acide, care distrug lacurile si vegetatia. Accidentele cu peroliere au poluat oceanele si au distrus viata salbatica si habitatul lor. Anumite chimicale eliberate in atmosfera distug stratul de ozon al Pamantului. Ozonul are un rol foarte important pentru viata de pe Pamant deoarece nu lasa sa treaca anumite radiatii daunatoare organismelor vii. O mare parte din gazele poluante sunt eliberate in procesele industriale. Poluarea Apei Apa poluata este apa a carei calitate a fost redusa prin introducerea chimicalelor fluide, deseurilor menajere si a produselor peroliere. 1 Caracteristicile apei poluate Prima problema despre poluarea apei in lume este lipsa de apa potabila si pura din punct de vedere biologic. Apa menajera trebuie sa fie lipsita de substante chimice ca pesticidele, alte otravuri, ingrasaminte, etc de bacterii si virusi. Zonele industrializate din lume se confrunta cu procese de poluare extinse si grave. Poluarea chimica tinde sa devina cea mai mare problema pentru zonele intens populate. Poluarea apei are multe cauze. Deseurile rezultate de la industrie si agicultura contin foarte multe chimicale, ele sunt deseori vinovate de...

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...A)Identify the devices (controls) that Al Fiorini used to control his business both before and after he went back to school. Classify each control as a results, control, or personnel/cultural type of control. Action control Before he went back to school i. Al monitored the activities of his loan offers by tracking the number of credit inquiries each requested. ii. Al closely monitored the loan application/lead ratio depending on the skill of the loan officer. After he went back to school i. Not letting Wilbur as a new partnership to sign the check written against AHL’s main bank account and Al must approve all outflow of cash from his company. Al also order to Wilbur and Letitia not to write any more checks without his permission. ii. Al monitor monitored tracked the employee head count, number of leads, credit inquiries, loan applications funded expenses and bank activity. By monitoring these actions Al can hold employees accountable for desired actions or undesired actions. iii. Al also had been monitoring the activity in the Bank of America (BofA) account on the internet from Los Angeles. Result control Define dimensions Al must define the right performance dimensions because the goal that are set and the measurements that are made shape employee views and cultural of what is important to do. Moreover, Al must explaining AHL’s dimensions on which result are desired such as profitability and others. Measuring performance This element was involving the......

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...UNIVERSITARE DE PERFECŢIONARE SPECIALIZAREA BUSINESS MANAGEMENT MEDIUL DE MARKETING AL S.C. BLACK SEA SUPPLIERS S.R.L. LUCRARE DE DIZERTAŢIE COORDONATOR Conf.univ.dr.Asandei Mihaela ABSOLVENT 2007 CUPRINS Introducere _________________________________________________5 Capitolul 1: Mediul de marketing, element esenţial în activitatea firmei ______________________________________________________6 1.1.Conceptul de mediu de marketing ___________________________6 1.2.Mediul extern al firmei ___________________________________10 1.2.1.Micromediul firmei __________________________________11 1.2.2.Macromediul firmei _________________________________21 1.3.Mediul intern al firmei ___________________________________29 1.3.1.Conţinutul şi structura mediului intern ___________________29 1.3.2.Potenţialul întreprinderii ______________________________32 Capitolul 2: Prezentarea S.C. BLACK SEA SUPPLIERS S.R.L. ____34 2.1.Obiectul de activitate şi scurt istoric _________________________34 2.2.Structura organizatorică __________________________________36 2.3.Prezentarea gamei de produse _____________________________41 2.4.Analiza principalilor indicatori economici ____________________46 Capitolul 3: Metode de analiză a mediului de marketing a S.C. BLACK SEA SUPPLIERS......

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...Al Capone is one of the most recognized names in American history. Capone ran the City of Chicago with illegal activities. He appeared many times on newspapers all over the country. Every one of us has heard of Al Capone, but most of us don't k now the story behind him. What made him to be the most feared gangster in the city of Chicago? How did this kid from a rough neighborhood and no money grow up to have $60,000,000? I've always been fascinated with organized crime but had never been taught anything in school about it. This report gave me the chance to explore something interesting and also educational. The more I researched Al Capone, the more I wanted to learn about him. He may look like an innocent Italian at a glance, but he has done a lot of crime in the city of Chicago. I knew going into this topic that there would be more than enough information. Going on the Internet I found many web sites that went in detail about certain aspects of Al Capone's life. I found web pages on the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and even a haunting of his ghost. My Grandpa had books that helped me including The Encyclopedia of World Crime and The Mafia Encyclopedia. He also had a great deal of information to tell me. Most of Al Capone's life seems unreal, but it is true. It all started when he was born on January 17, 1899, in Brooklyn, New York. He was baptized Alphonsus Capone. As the fourth oldest of nine children, he didn't receive much attention. "At birth, Capone's parents never...

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...anul 1971 prin pătrunderea pe pieţele vestice cu potenţial financiar Austria, Franţa şi Danemarca, unde firma a promovat sistemul cu succes. La fel ca şi în cazul Germaniei, reacţiile au fost pozitive, deoarece noul mod de vânzare era adaptat pieţelor locale şi stimula într-un mod indirect activitatea zonală a comercianţilor. Expansiunea firmei continuă în anul următor, reuşind să se adapteze la exigenţele şi cerinţele pieţei italiene, care se deosebea de cele anglo-saxone prin reticenţă şi conservatorism. La început rezervate, firmele şi clienţii s-au adapatat la noul sistem, conştientizând importanţa şi facilităţile sistemului cash&carry. Noul context economic mondial îi conferă firmei prilejul relansării expansiunii spre pieţele estice, care deţineau un potenţial real – trecerea spre economia de piaţă. Turcia si Ungaria au reprezentat următoarele două ţări vizate de firmă în drumul cuceririi pieţelor estice, primele cu economii marcate de tranziţie, dar cu un real potenţial şi cu o flexibilitate la noutăţile vestice. Deşi numărul filialelor create în aceste zone nu este semnificativ, strategiile viitoare ale firmei sunt optimiste şi incearcă o continuă adaptare la potenţialul pieţelor. În istoricul firmei, anul 1996 a însemnat şi o nouă etapă în extinderea pieţelor prin inaugurarea magazinelor tip cash&carry în România.. Succesul ulterior înregistrat pe piaţa românească se datorează în special mediului economic capabil să se adapteze noului sistem, dar şi......

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...Group 1: The War in Afghanistan * Find facts about al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden Born Sheikh Osama bin Muhammad bin ’Awad bin Laden, was born in March 10th 1957 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. He was the founder of the Islamist militant organization Al-Qaeda, an organization that was responsible for many attacks in different parts of the world killing thousands of civilians as well as the high-profile targets. He did most of his work under the name of the Islamic religion and specially the sharia law. Osama was born in a very wealthy family, to a Saudi Arabian father and a Syrian mother; he had a total of 52 siblings. In his early ages Osama studied engineering, economics, business administration and religion where he specified in interpreting the Quran and Jihad at King Abdul-Aziz University in Saudi Arabia. Osama got married when only 17 years old, to his second cousin from his mother side of the family. Throughout his life Osama got married five times, and ended up having about 24 children. His strong religious conviction got him to join the local Islamic groups, in 1973. And in 1979 he took to Afghanistan, after the then Soviet Union had invaded the country, and in the 1980’s he officially joined the war in Afghanistan as a volunteer, against the soviet occupying power. One of his main struggles in live was the growing influence of the United States in the Middle East. He felt that the policies of the US government were the prime reason of the......

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...Role of Al-Andalus & Translation in Moving Ideas Between Islam & the West Papers: * The Arabs entered Al-Andalus with a great army under the leadership of Tarik Bin Ziad during the Umayyad days. Using such military force, the Arab government controlled Spain for 9 centuries. * The Arabs called Spain “Al-Andalus” because they entered Europe from the west side through Andalusia. * The conquest (takeover) by the Arabs in Spain was not achieved due to using force only, but also due to the coming of a new civilization that invaded all walks of life (social classes). * Within few years, the civilization in Al-Andalus became the richest and most important civilization. It flourished between the 8th and 15th century. * Although the Arab-Islamic Spain seemed to be a strong & unified power, however, this was partly true. There were many fractures in the structure of the nation. * Some remarkable aspects in Al-Andalus: calm & beautiful nature; richness in natural resources. Such aspects helped the Arabs develop a new rich civilization. * The social life in Al-Andalus was very active in such a way that it had no parallel in history, except perhaps in USA where different races thrived & flourished side by side. * The Islamic culture was divided from various sources, but remained near in its essential maintaining. * A new culture was born in Al-Andalus. It was composed of many different elements: Arabs, Muslims, Greeks, Byzantium,......

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...MANAGEMENTUL STRATEGIC IN SECTORUL PUBLIC Institutia Publica: Universitatea Babes-Bolyai-Cluj REFERAT Masterand: INSTITUTIA PUBLICA: Universitatea Babes-Bolyai – Cluj 1. Prezentare Universitatea „Babeş-Bolyai” (UBB) este una din cele mai prestigioase instituţii de învăţământ superior de stat din Romania, continuatoarea tradiţiei Universităţii din Cluj, înfiinţată în anul 1581. Din punctul de vedere al numărului de studenţi, precum şi al diversităţii specialităţilor oferite, este una dintre cele mai importante universităţi din România. Universitatea poartă din 1959 numele a doi renumiţi oameni de ştiinţă: bacteriologul român Victor Babeş şi matematicianul maghiar János Bolyai. În topul Quacquarelli Symonds (cunoscut prin The Times Higher Education Supplement), Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai ocupa în 2009 locul 601+, aflându-se astfel printre cele mai bune 1000 universităţi din lume. Este a doua poziţie a unei universităţi româneşti în topul QS, fiind precedată de Universitatea din Bucureşti pe locul 501-600. Pe de altă parte Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai ocupă locul întâi în ţară în ceea ce priveste cercetarea ştiinţifică ( Raportul CNCSIS 2010) şi locul întâi în ţară în ceea ce priveşte calitatea ofertei educaţionale. UBB este o instituţie publică de învăţământ superior a cărei misiune este să promoveze şi să susţină în comunitatea locală, regională, naţională şi internaţională dezvoltarea unor componente culturale......

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...Paper Al “Scarface” Capone was the ultimate american gangster. Not only did he run the streets by the time he was 15, Capone ran all of Chicago for multiple years by the time he was 30 (Chicago Historical Society 1). In 1929, what is known as Chicago’s most brutal day, The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred when Capone’s rival gang was murdered because he had one goal and that goal was to run the streets, just as he did (History Channel 1). While the feds were hot and heavy on him, Capone fled to Florida to lay low for a bit. When he was at his highest point of control of most of the country he was making close to $100,000,000 a year. While going back and forth from Florida to Chicago, Capone had up to 5 gangster headquarters. Once the police started to catch on to his case, they decided to give Al “Scarface” Capone a new nickname, “Public enemy number one” (History Channel 1). Capone had a wild childhood. He was born in January of 1899 in a small house in Brooklyn, New York (Chicago historical Society 1). By the time Al Capone was 15 he was brought up from the “kids gangs” (Chicago Historical Society 1) into the notorious Five Points Gang by Frankie Yale in 1916. Capone had a couple jobs as a bouncer and a bartender at Frankie Yales’ gangster dive bars and the Harvard Inn. While working at the Harvard Inn, Capone acquired the nickname “Scarface” because of an incident when a girlfriends brother of his beat him up and the name stuck ever since. Al Capone’s......

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...Al Beruni (973 A.D. – 1048 A.D.) “My book is nothing but a simple historic record of facts. I shall place before the reader the theories of the Hindus exactly as they are.” Who was Al Beruni? Abū al-Rayḥān Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad al-Berūnī was born on September 4, 973 A.D., in Khwarezm, in present day Uzbekistan. Khwarezm was an important centre of learning and he received education from a prince of the Khwarezm-shah dynasty. He was a historian, astronomer, mathematician, geographer, ethnographer, and anthropologist. (History of India as told by it’s historians) Little is known about his childhood, except for the fact that he did not know his own father. Al-beruni’s life was set in an unusually tumultuous political period. He served six different princes, all engaged in warfare. Despite living in this bellicose time, he managed to become an accomplished polymath and is heralded as a pioneer in Islamic historical writing. It is interesting to note that the political flux of this period, helped him receive patronage from multiple dynasties like the Khwarezm-shahs, the Samanids, and the Ghaznavids. This enabled him to interact with other great minds like Avicenna, an Iranian philosopher-scientist, where? In 1017, Mahmud of Ghazni invaded Rayy, where Al Biruni was residing at the time . Al-Biruni, was taken as a captive to Ghazni. Despite being an unwilling guest in Ghazni, Biruni continued penning down works of science, mathematics, astronomy and more, and was soon......

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...Al Ain Dairy: market expansion Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan is an Associate Professor (Marketing) in the Faculty of Business and Management, University of Wollongong in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. hashi Kumar Menon, the chief operating officer of Al Ain Dairy was at their launch of the new product Long Life Juice in Dubai on 16 July 2010. To a room full of media and interested stakeholders, he explained the company’s upcoming six month plan. Al Ain Diary was UAE’s largest dairy company by market share but now wanted to replicate their success in dairy in both the regional market and the fruit juice market. There were challenges: increasing production capabilities; product innovation (increasing shelf life); the supply chain management (dairy especially needs to be transported at a 48C condition and there is a need for access to a steady supply of fodder); and brand building in newer markets. Shashi needs to prioritise what new products they want to move into (options include related lines like cheese); assets they need to acquire (manufacturing); and what future skills they need to develop to meet the regional challenge. There is a three to four year time frame to prioritise these objectives as the markets are still in recession. Shashi says about their vision for the future: S We are very much a local company and would like to be seen as regional at least in the Khaleej [GCC Countries], if not beyond ....

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...modul în care acesta influenteaza negativ sau pozitiv sanatatea mentala, sanatatea fizica si nivelul de energie resimtit la locul de munca. Cercetarea s-a efectuat pe un esantion de 14 manageri ce apartin grupului IKEA, aplicându-se testele "Indicatorul de Management al Presiunilor Socioprofesionale" (IMP) si "Indicatorul de Stres Ocupational " (O.S.I.). Aceasta lucrare cauta sa demonstreze ca factorii de stres ocupational determina o scadere a sanatatii mentale si fizice. Lucrarea de fata îsi propune sa ilustreze modul în care stresul de la locul de munca afecteaza viata individului, atât pe plan individual, cât si în cel social, de relationare. Un alt subpunct abordat în aceasta lucrare îl reprezinta satisfactia muncii. CAPITOLUL 2 CADRUL TEORETIC AL PROBLEMEI STUDIATE 2.1 Stresul ocupational în contextul cercetarilor actuale Stresul ocupational este una dintre multiplele probleme cu care se confrunta societatea moderna, fiind generat de viata profesionala, de mediul muncii, cu consecintele nemijlocite asupra activitatii profesionale, dar si asupra sanatatii celor care presteaza munca respectiva. Managementul international a devenit una din preocuparile la moda ale specialistilor în culturi organizationale.  Conform lui Bogathy (2007, p. 236), "competitia economica dura în care este angrenata viata sociala prezenta este considerata ca unul din semnele sau reactiile......

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...Al-Ghazali Reflection The section of Deliverance from Error in the readings of The Path to Sufism is very fascinating to me. The way Al- Ghazali speaks in his teachings is very different from that of Boethius and Aristotle. Al- Ghazali expresses his support for mathematics almost as an exact science, he shows that it cannot be used to support religions whether they be Islamic or not. This type of truth is called Apodeictic, which can be defined as truth by definition or necessity, which can also include logic, math and Astronomy. The other type of truth that Al- Ghazali speaks of is conjectural truth. This can be described as truth by speculation, which means that something can be assumed to be real, true, or genuine. An example of a conjectural truth can be Doctor’s advice. Both apodeictic and conjectural truths come from Al- Ghazali’s view of Philosophy, and can prove all of his thoughts true. One word that I found to be an important part of Al- Ghazali’s Deliverance from Error is the word Fitra. Fitra can be defined as a fundamental spiritual interest. Fitra has many different interpretations, some of which include creation, nature, natural disposition, constitution, and temperament. I believe that Fitra can be the driving spirit that directs people in the right path. I think that Fitra can relate to apodeictic truth because people believe what they see, and if they see something out of the ordinary that shouldn’t happen, they will not believe it and have to...

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Managementul Resurselor Umane

...ªtefan Stanciu Mihaela Ionescu Managementul resurselor umane CUPRINS CAPITOLUL 1 – Introducere în managementul resurselor umane / 11 1.6. Managementul resurselor umane / 41 1.6.1. Concepte / 41 1.6.2. Obiective privind resursele umane / 43 1.6.3. Departamentul de resurse umane / 44 CAPITOLUL 2 – Manageri [i leadership / 57 2.1. Managerii / 57 2.1.1. Caracterizare general` / 57 2.1.2. Profiluri manageriale / 60 2.1.3. Caracteristicile managerilor / 64 2.2. Managerii de resurse umane / 73 2.3. Delegarea / 77 2.4. Decizia – func]ie esen]ial` a conducerii / 79 2.4.1. Concepte / 79 2.4.2. Tipuri de decizie / 81 2.4.3. Decizia de grup / 83 2.4.4. Etapele procesului decizional / 85 2.5. Leadership / 91 2.6. Dezvoltarea competen]elor managerilor / 100 2.7. Aplica]ii [i studii de caz / 102 CAPITOLUL 3 – Strategii, politici [i planuri privind resursele umane / 111 3.1. Strategii / 111 3.1.1. Schimbarea organiza]ional` / 111 3.1.2. Planificarea strategic` / 115 3.1.3. Cerin]e [i linii strategice / 116 3.1.4. În ce const` strategia de personal? / 117 3.1.5. Op]iuni strategice / 119 3.2. Politici de personal / 121 3.2.1. Caracteristicile politicilor tradi]ionale / 121 3.2.2. Caracteristicile politicilor moderne / 122 3.2.3. Politici cu spectru larg / 126 3.2.4. Politici privind plec`rile voluntare / 130 3.2.5. Previziunea [i planificarea personalului / 131 3.3. Prognoza resurselor umane / 136 3.4. Tendin]e în domeniul resurselor umane / 137 3.5. Practici privind......

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