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Cap. 1 - NEVOIA DE GANDIRE SI PRACTICA ECOLOGICA In traditiile civilizatiilor europene exista chiar si in prezent o credinta sau o superstitie apocaliptica legata de trecerea de la un mileniu la altul. Este o credinta care postuleaza ca dezastrele naturale si sociale nu se produc in fiecare an, ci la anumite momente ale timpului care marcheaza aniversari insemnate. Asa a fost considerata trecerea de la anul 999 la anul 1000, cand crestinismul primitiv al Europei are cuprins de spaime: se arata ca domnia lui Christos era doar de un mileniu, dupa care va veni Anticristul, care insemna de fapt sfarsitul lumii. Anul 1000 a trecut si sfarsitul lumii nu a avut loc. Astazi, la un mileniu dupa epoca groazei si a angoasei despre care au vorbit multi specialisti, in mentalitatea oamenilor din Europa si America reapar elementele vechilor spaime,…...

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... MBAs) • Registration Fee £500/It includes the following: First Annual Subscription Fee CIMA Students Registration Fee CMGA Exam Fee – One Attempt CIMA Online Lectures for P2, E2, F2. • Al-Hamd Academy’s Fee: Registration: Rs. 1,250/Tuition Fee:Rs.15,000/CGA (for ACCAs) • Registration Fee £293/It includes the following: First Annual Subscription Fee CIMA Students Registration Fee CGA Exam Fee – One Attempt CIMA Online Lectures for P2, E2, F2. • Al-Hamd Academy’s Fee: Registration: Rs. 1,250/Tuition Fee:Rs.10,000/CPGA (for ACMAs) • Registration Fee £60/It includes the following: First Annual Subscription Fee CIMA Students Registration Fee CPGA Exam Fee: £40/• Al-Hamd Academy’s Fee: Registration: Rs. 1,250/Tuition Fee:Rs.10,000/- For further details, please contact our Counselors At the Campus or you can email them at ...

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...Al-Qaeda By Joseph Hubert Abstract My main focus in this paper is the terrorist group that terrorized America and other counties for a few years; this group is named Al-Qaeda. Within this paper I intend to explain the main goals and objectives of the terrorist organization /group. Identify the primary tools, or terrorist methods, they use to conduct their terrorist activities. Identify the controls the U.S. uses to prevent their terrorist activities/operations. Discuss the effectiveness in controlling or stopping their terrorist activities. I will do this by sharing the information that I have found during my research. I will also provide a few scholarly references. 1. Explain the main goals and objectives of the terrorist organization /group. The main goal of this terrorist group was to wage a global jihad, which means holy war. Another one of their focuses was to cause chaos all over the world, this group set out to cause destruction in quite a few countries, and their primary area of focus was America. No one really knows the true reason for all of their attacks, but I think they set out to accomplish all of this because they wanted to take control of the other countries that they waged attacks on. I think that their objective was just that to gain control and power in every country. 2. Identify the primary tools, or terrorist methods, they use to conduct their terrorist activities. The primary tools and terrorist methods used by Al-Qaeda when posing...

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