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Manager Retention

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Manager retention and the Steamboat Ski Resort
Michael D. Gumbiner
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Gumbiner, Michael D., "Manager retention and the Steamboat Ski Resort" (2007). UNLV Theses/Dissertations/Professional Papers/ Capstones. Paper 481.

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Michael D. Gumbiner Bachelor of Arts California State University Fullerton 1987

A professional paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the

Master of Hospitality Administration William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration

Graduate College University of Nevada, Las Vegas May 2007


PART ONE Introduction The material for this paper centers on the Steamboat Ski Resort Corp. The ski resort was chosen for this study because of its need for a management retention plan. Steamboat was ranked as a top 10 international ski resort in North America by Snow Country Magazine (“Top 50 ski resorts,” 1997). It has maintained this distinction for many years. It has been noted for its idealistic “champion power” and its unpopulated vast terrain. In particular, it has always scored high in the customer experience categories for exceptional down-home friendly people. A chart, prepared by Net, on customer and employee...

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