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Managerial Analysis (Byp1-2)

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What are the primary information needs of each manager?
Andre Agassi, Sales Manager:
As the sales manager, Andre would be interested in the details surrounding sales. The overall sales data is the primary need and this data is found by looking at three distinct values: total sales, by territory, and per sales person. These details include information on the volume of sales comprehensively, quarterly and for the types of products. The numbers surrounding specific sales territories and level of sales in those territories will provide valuable information to Andre as well as the information on sales numbers for individual sales representatives. With sales increasing over the last 10 years, Andre would need to do a comparative analysis of the variety of products and look at sales volumes to specific customers.
Serena Williams, Technical Specialist:
As a technical specialist, Serena would be interested in the departmental cost data. Since she supervises computer programmers, there would be a need to have the cost information by looking at how many programmers there are and the individual cost as well as the total departmental costs and assisting in the management of these period costs. Additionally, the information needs of Serena surrounding the new implementation of the advanced manufacturing techniques would be the programming necessary to have the robot arms function effectively and efficiently. She would also need to be working with the engineering and design teams as the computerized drafting would include Serena's team.

Pete Sampras, Cost Accounting Manager:
As the cost accounting manager, Pete would be interested in all cost accounting data. This would include cost data surrounding the pieces used in cost accounting, which will affect the total costs of the company. Pete would evaluate the direct costs of production to include direct material costs, direct labor costs, and manufacturing overhead. Pete also would need information on the process or activity-based cost system (depending on which is used for the company).
Andy Roddick, Production Supervisor:
As the production supervisor, Andy would be interested in specific product cost data. Andy would evaluate the costs of production and perform analyses on the manufacturing process to achieve efficiency and effectiveness with the production lines. Specifically with the implementation of the advanced manufacturing techniques, Andy will need information on the cost of the robots, the time surrounding the drying process, and the effectiveness of the vision system doing quality assurance by checking for defects. This data will affect the cost of production and Andy will be responsible for assuring these costs are appropriate.
Venus Williams, Engineer:
As an engineer, Venus would be interested in the cost of new components and time necessary for new designs. Her role is to design new products and would need information on the current sales of the tennis rackets, customer satisfaction/feedback of the product, and methods of engineering that can impact the element of time for new designs. Venus would also be interested in the production process as this could affect the new designs.

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