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Managerial Applications of Technology Research Paper

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I. Definition of the Subject
The scope of this project is to assume that I am approached by the executive of my committee to report on the strategic implications of the information technology on our business over the next three years. I have chosen the subject of Business Intelligence as a Service, which is a branch of IS Management and includes data mining, database management systems, social media and information collection, and lastly in the scope of this project, I will write about Visual Analytics, an output or end result which is what the company I have chosen to write about is in need of.
II. Background of Company
Within the scope of the project, I have chosen to represent a Not For Profit association which is responsible for raising funds and awareness about cancer. We will be called the Prashant Foundation for Cancer Research. Founded in 2008, our organization consists of many volunteers who have different capabilities and skills which help the organization run, as well as an executive administration which runs the operations with members with backgrounds in management, entrepreneurship, law and medical research as well. The issue that we have is with our database management system, and information management in general . We have been active for 3 years, and need a strategic plan for organizing our data in a way which can benefit us so that we can grow the organization by increasing visibility, increasing funding and donations, and growing the pool of victims so that we may help those in need over the next three years. As a not for profit, we have budget constraints so we will have to explore solutions ranging from enterprise software, IT consultants and even in house experts which might not be enough. The goal is to understand which IT solution can be applied to our case in the best way possible, and determine how it will be implemented, and evaluate...

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