Managerial Issues

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Managerial Issues
Tracy Guillen
Application Implementation
CMGT 445
Dr. Steve Powelson
May 06, 2012

Managerial Issues
Managing an IS infrastructure can be a difficult task. The difficulties arise based on the type of business, preventative measures, industry standards, training, and globalization. Each of these areas needs special attention and if not managed correctly could be costly to the business. The following will illustrate the above mentioned difficulties and provide insight into how these areas can be maintained.
Configuration Management and Maintenance
“Configuration management is a collection of processes and tools that promote network consistency, track network change, and provide up to date network documentation and visibility.” (Cisco, 2006, p. 1) Configuration can either help or hinder a system.
Cisco offers a white paper that specifically outlines best practices for configuration management. The paper outlines the following: “Software Version Control Management, IP Addressing Standards and Management, Naming Conventions and DNS/DHCP Assignments, Standard Configuration and Descriptors, and Configuration Upgrade Procedures.” (Cisco, 2006, p. 1) Software Version Control Management is achieved by using the same software version on devices that are similar. This eases the issues of defects and inoperability. IP Addressing management is the process of assigning and or reusing and documenting IP addresses. Naming conventions can be a big part of keeping a network running. Knowing how the naming conventions were set up will help aid with future naming. This consistency lessens the duplication of IP Addresses, easier identification and “a consistent access point to routers for all network management information related to a device.” (Cisco, 2006, p. 2) Standard configuration and descriptors can be achieved by…...

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