Managerial Skills Needed by Teachers

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Chapter One – Introduction

The role of a teacher is of great importance not only in his/her classroom but in society in general. He/She is responsible to communicate and transfer to the next generation the intellectual traditions and technical skills of his/her generation. In doing so, the teacher ensures the survival of man and its civilisation. In fact, the teacher is the key to quality education, through his training and dedication. He/She is often perceived as the adoptive parent of the child and normally, the latter looks to his teacher not only for knowledge but also for wisdom and moral and ethical values.
The functions of a teacher in the classroom are numerous to ensure the correct development of his/her students. Among these functions are
* To ensure students are having the proper education in a safe environment
* To ensure teaching and especially learning is efficient
* To increase the students’ self-esteem and personal confidence
* To prepare students with the necessary knowledge, character and skills for higher education and to live in society
In order to successfully achieve the above-mentioned functions, a teacher needs to act as a manager in his/her classroom. In other words, the teacher should possess some important managerial skills. A manager is normally defined as someone who is in charge of his/her organisation and is responsible for the proper functioning the organising in every aspect. Among the ten management roles that Henry Mintzberg (1973) identified in his thesis entitled “The Nature of Managerial Work”, he suggested eight set of managerial skills, namely:
a. Peer Skills
b. Leadership Skills
c. Conflict Resolution Skills
d. Information Processing Skills
e. Skills in Decision-Making Under Ambiguity
f. Resource Allocation Skills
g. Entrepreneurial Skills
h. Introspection Skills
Chapter Two – Necessary…...