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Q1. Based on research of the company, identify the range of decisions made by the company. Evaluate the effectiveness of the decisions (Criteria 1.1, Grading Criteria M1).

Strategic Planning Decisions: Strategic planning decisions are those decisions in which the decision-maker develops objectives and allocates resources to achieve these objectives. Such decisions are taken by strategic planning level (top level) managers.

Example: pizza hut might have the objective of increasing sales and decide to implement a strategy of offering lower prices on certain products during off hours to attract more customers. After a month of pursuing the new strategy, managers can look at sales data for the month and evaluate whether the strategy resulted in increasing sales and then choose to keep the new price scheme or alter their strategy.

Management Control Decisions: Management control decisions are taken by management control level (middle level) managers and deal with the use of resources in the organization.

Example : The system installed at each Pizza Hut delivery outlet, restaurant and

area managers office includes password‐controlled access to an

enterprise information portal, This content‐rich and

secure Internet portal enables area and store managers and staff costs,

with real‐timer reports obtained via a Web browser at any time. This

enables ,managers to react immediately to any emerging issues and run

their operations more effectively.

Operational Control Decisions: Operational control decisions deal with the day-to-day problems that affect the operation of the organization. These decisions are taken by the managers at operational level (bottom level) of the organization.

Example : Operational support manager identified the big step towards online ordering system...

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