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Managing Conflict Lsi

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Part I: Personal Conflict Style for Self-Development (Primary, Backup, & Limiting)

In my opinion, the Life Styles Inventory illustrated scores on how I recognize my conflicts. Below conflict styles represent my strengths and weakest styles.

• My primary conflict style was Conciliator, which I scored the highest on and (95th percentile). • My backup conflict style was Pragmatist, which I scored the second highest score(93rd percentile) • My limiting conflict style was Dominator, which I scored the (10th percentile)

|Position |Style |Score |Percentile |
|1 |Conciliator |39 |95 |
|2 |Relationship Builder |34 |70 |
|3 |Accommodator |9 |25 |
|4 |Regulator |16 |63 |
|5 |Insulator |14 |44 |
|6 |Avoider |6 |55 |
|7 |Escalator |7 |50 |
|8 |Dominator |2 |10 |
|9 |Competitor |16 |70 |
|10 |Perfectionist |23 |69 |

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