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Managing Employment Relations

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|Contents |1 |
|Activity 1 | |
|Understand the impact of employment law at the start of the | |
|employment relationship | |
| |2 – 4 |
|Activity 2 | |
|Understand the main individual rights that the employee has | |
|during the employment relationship | |
| |4 – 10 |
|Activity 3 | |
|Understand the issues to address at the termination of the | |
|employment relationship...

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...1 ( 1.1) internal and external factors which impact on the employment relationship Unions try to obtain a higher wage for their members than would be offered in the absence of the union which results in workers taking a greater share of profits at the expense of the firm. This monopoly of unions might lead to deteriorating employee relations where it leads to management adopting anti-union strategies, intensifying conflict, while the union mobilization needed for the union to have monopoly power may lead to anti-management views on the part of the workforce. Pay bargaining may have similar effects in the public sector where wage demands must be satisfied, along with competing claims for resources, from fixed budgets set by officials. On the other hand, unions can lead to improved employment relations through effective communication between management and employees and the resolution of employee grievances. Quits are lower where unions are present and where unions are stronger supporting the idea that effective union voice reduces employee exits and therefore contributes to stability in employment relationships. Diversity in the workforce is normally regarded as a positive for companies that manage it effectively as enhances customer relations, creativity, flexibility and innovation and development, however if not well managed, significant differences in ethnicity, race, religion, gender and other individual traits can produce negative effects. If you have...

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...Employment Relations - Question 4 2. “…the main focus of employee relations is not on collective [industrial relations] machinery but on individual relationships. In the face of tough economic conditions, there is a new emphasis on helping line managers to establish trust-based relationships with employees” (CIPD 2014). Critically discuss Sarah Pedros, a member of the Acas Strategy Unit (2011) stated, “Fragmentation, demographic change, complex contractual relationships, remote management, individualisation, and a vacuum of representations for both employers and employees will create a more challenging environment for good employment relations in the years ahead.” Critically evaluate this statement and the impact of these factors on employment relations practice. While many managers might prefer to manage their organisations without interference from trade unions, managing without unions is often more challenging than managing with them. Critically discuss this assersion with reference to literature of which you are aware. Over recent years’ non-union employment relations have become far more prevalent in the Irish context. Critically consider the key issues which organisations should consider in establishing non-union operations in Ireland. Critically evaluate the extent to which various types of employee involvement and participation initiatives lead to democracy in the workplace. Your answer should consider three types of involvement or participation......

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...Millaniyage Dulan Chaturanga Perera ­ 617809    Managing Employee Relations Assignment ­ Research Essay  Is the work of Unions still relevant?    A trade union, as defined in the History of Trade Unionism is ‘ a continuous association of  wage­earners for the purpose of maintaining or improving the conditions of their working  lives’.(Webb and Webb, 1911) Unions exist on the basis that they protect the wages and  conditions for employees, making sure that they're protected from unemployment by obtaining a  substantial degree of job security as well as supporting employees in disputes and claims  against their employers.(Murphy, 2014) The relevance of unions may vary from place to place.  Using reasoning and statistical day, we will aim to achieve some sort of clarity towards the  complexity and variety of opinions that people have on the need for trade unions.    Importance of Trade Unions    Unions not only negotiate wages, they also have an impact on fringe benefits, labour  productivity,work allocation, job security and employee participation practices.(OECD, 1991)  There is also a spillover effect, through extension of agreements and employer responses to  union environment where some of these benefits alter the employment terms of non union  members.(OECD, 1991) A substantial amount of protective legislation supporting unemployment  compensation, sickness insurance, employment protection along with occupational health and  safety, is the outcome of work by trade unions. ...

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