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Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

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Baby and me
Health&Beauty Spa Services

Business Plan 2014
Baby and Me Health-Beauty Spa services  London
Phone: 02033248641 Mobile:07849282187 1

Table of Contents
1.Executive Summary
2.Sources of Finance
2.1 Sources of finance
2.2 Importance of Sources of finance
2.3 Capital required for business
2.4 Advantages and disadvantages of finance
2.5 Start-up
2.6 Cash flow
2.7 Sales Forecast


3. Return Investment
3.1 Investment Appraisal
3.2 Importance of Investment Appraisal
3.3 Advantages and Disadvantages
3.4 Calculation of Return on Investment


4.Financial Planning
4.1 Successful business
4.2 Importance of financial planning
4.3 Price
4.4 Fixed cost and Variable cost
4.5 Break even analysis


5.Financial Documents
5.1 Importance of financial documents
5.2 Profit and Loss account
5.3 Balance sheet
5.4 Profit and loss
5.4 Ratios
5.5 Conclusion
Reference List



1. Executive Summary
Baby and Me is a start-up business, planned to begin commerce
In June 2014 as a sole trader enterprise owned by Oktavianti. The business leads up to be the first mother-to-be spa or salon in
Bedford Square, London City. With services and products offered in an exclusive combination, I believe that the market share will grow quickly. Baby and Me supplies clients with a relaxing and recovering environment where all of their soul and body necessities can be met.
Products and Services
Baby and Me offers an extensive range of soul and body remedy products and services. All the services will be taken over by our professional and skilled staff. The business is specialized in supplying alternative methods of massage, and of body and baby care. All this is accomplished in a relaxing, calm background.

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